AWGIE Awards 2024: winners

Wins for writers of Colin From Accounts, Neighbours, Crazy Fun Park, The Last Year of Television and an Outstanding Service award for Shane Brennan.

Winners of the 56th Annual AWGIE Awards were announced last night at NIDA’s Parade Theatre, hosted by Alex Lee and Suren Jayemanne.

Amongst the winners were US drama The Great and UK drama The House Across the Street, both written by Australians Tony McNamara and Guila Sandler, respectively.

Locally produced winners included writers behind Colin From Accounts, Neighbours, Crazy Fun Park and The Last Year of Television.

NCIS: Los Angeles creator Shane Brennan (pictured top) was awarded the Richard Lane Award for Outstanding Service & Dedication to the Australian Writers’ Guild. Brennan, a former AWG President, previously donated $1m to launch the Scripted Ink development initiative.

AWGIE winners are based on scripts alone by AWG members.

TV and related nominees (winners in bold):

Television – Series
The Great: Season 3, ‘Ice’ – Tony McNamara
The Newsreader: Season 2, ‘People Like You and Me’ – Kim Ho
Totally Completely Fine: Season 1, ‘Not All Heroes Carry a Vape’ – Keir Wilkins

Television – Limited Series
The Clearing: ‘Maitreya’ – Elise McCredie
The House Across the Street – Giula Sandler
The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart – Sarah Lambert, Kirsty Fisher and Kim Wilson

Television – Serial
EastEnders: Episode 6593 – Peter Mattessi
Home and Away: Episode 7949 – Paige Montague
Home and Away: Episode 7959 – Louise Bowes
Neighbours: Episode 8867 – Sarah Mayberry
Neighbours: Episode 8903 – Jason Herbison

Comedy – Situation or Narrative
A Christmas Ransom – Elliot Vella, Gretel Vella and Timothy Walker
Colin from Accounts: Season 1, ‘Flash’ – Harriet Dyer
Colin from Accounts: Season 1, ‘The Good Room’ – Patrick Brammall
In Limbo: Season 1, ‘Cremating’ – Tamara Asmar

Comedy – Sketch or Light Entertainment
Gruen Nation: Season 14, ‘Pawesome’ – James Colley and Bec Melrose with Kirsten Drysdale,
Angela Lavoipierre and Cameron James
The Last Year of Television: 2022 – Mitch McTaggart
The Weekly: The Week in TV feat. Margaret Pomeranz – Rob Hunter

Documentary – Public Broadcast (Including VOD) or Exhibition
The Defenders – Matthew Bate
Harley & Katya – Blayke Hoffman with Selina Miles
John Farnham: Finding the Voice – Poppy Stockell with Paul Clarke
Volcano Man – Tim Russell with James Crawley and Steven Sander

Children’s Television – ‘P’ Classification (Preschool – Under 5 Years)
Beep and Mort: Season 1, ‘My Best Friend’ – Amy Stewart
Beep and Mort: Season 1, ‘Nothing To Do Day’ – Charlotte Rose Hamlyn
Kangaroo Beach: Special, ‘Hoppy Christmas Ghërkinn’ – Charlotte Rose Hamlyn and Tim Bain
Kangaroo Beach: Season 2, ‘King Kanga’ – Rebekka Schafferius

Children’s Television – ‘C’ Classification (Children’s – 5–14 Years)
Crazy Fun Park: Season 1, ‘I Don’t Want to Grow Up’ – Nicholas Verso
Crazy Fun Park: Season 1, ‘Remember Me’ – Magda Wozniak
Mikki vs the World: Season 2, ‘Broken Hearts and Stinky Farts’ – Gemma Bird Matheson
Turn Up the Volume: Season 1, ‘Spinning Around’ – Chloe Wong and Penelope Chai
Turn Up the Volume: Season 1, ‘The Less I Know the Better’ – Matthew Bon

Bird Drone: Clare Toonen
Koala Man: Season 1, ‘The Red Hot Rule’ – Nina Oyama
The Sandman: Season 1, ‘Dream of a Thousand Cats’ – Catherine Smyth-McMullen
The Strange Chores: Season 3, ‘Help Manga Charlie’ – Alix Beane

Web Series And Other Non-Broadcast / Non-‘Subscription Video On Demand’ TV
Short Works

Appetite: Season 1, Episode 1 ‘Dead Ahead’ and Episode 2 ‘Pho Ken What’ – Mohini Herse, Neilesh Verma and Grace Tan
Childish Deano: Season 1, Episode 1 ‘Show and Tell’ and Episode 6 ‘Apology’ – David Ferrier with Dean Thomas
Latecomers: Season 1, Episode 1 ‘I Woke Up with Cerebral Palsy Again’ and Episode 3 ‘Great Boobs’ – Emma Myers, Nina Oyama, Angus Thompson
Night Bloomers: Season 1, ‘Striking Hair Pins’ – Ra Chapman
Night Bloomers: Season 1, ‘Friend or Foe’ – Andrew Undi Lee

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