Networks unite for fans to send John Farnham messages of support.

Peter Ford, Richard Wilkins, Angela Bishop and ABC's News Breakfast lock arms in support of legendary Australian singer.

Entertainment reporters Peter Ford (Seven), Richard Wilkins (Nine) and Angela Bishop (10) have joined with ABC’s News Breakfast to jointly launch a dedicated website for fans of John Farnham to send their get well wishes.

Last week Farnham’s family confirmed the legendary singer was undergoing surgery for mouth cancer.

Now a special website weloveyoujohn.com.au has launched for to gather messages of support.

“As John is not active on social media, and with the consent of the Farnham family, this website has been established as a way for fans to write and send messages of love and support to John,” the site announced today.

“These messages will be saved and shared with John and the family so that they may read them when the time is right.”

Peter Ford tells TV Tonight, “Since last Tuesday when that terrible news hit there has been so much love and positive energy out there for John and his family – even on Twitter where people love to argue and bicker! So I thought it would be terrific to create a destination for those messages rather than just have them float around in the ether unseen. Getting it up and going was the easy bit and now it’s a case of letting people know it exists and, as a combined force, we’re hopeful we can do that. “

Statement by Jill, Rob & James Farnham:

The Farnham family want to acknowledge and thank everyone for their ongoing messages and well wishes that have been shared throughout the last week. It really lifts our spirits knowing that everyone is thinking of John.

Jill Farnham has provided this brief update this morning, “John remains in a stable condition in ICU following the removal of a cancerous tumour in his mouth on Tuesday. He is awake and responding well to the care he’s receiving.“

No further comment is available at this time and the family appreciates the media’s continued respect for their privacy.

Get well soon Farnsy!

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  1. I hope you get better soon John Farnham I love your songs my favorite is Two strong hearts.
    From Michele @ Lonsdale House Hervey Bay

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