Total Control S3, new SBS, Paramount+ titles in Screen Australia funding

A third season of Total Control on the way for ABC, plus new dramas for Paramount+, SBS and two returning Children's live action titles.

Screen Australia has announced funding for four feature films, three television dramas and two children’s projects that will share in $12 million of production funding, from the Scripted and First Nations Departments.

Total Control is back for series 3 on ABC; WWII dramedy While the Men Are Away is coming to SBS an Paramount+ has North Shore, a crime drama set around Sydney Harbour.

Two live action Children’s titles are also returning to network 10 and ABC ME.

Minister for Arts Tony Burke said, “Showcasing Australian stories – particularly First Nations stories – is a central part of what I want to do as Arts Minister. Shining a spotlight on Australian stories, is so important, not just for those in the arts sector, but all of us as Australians. These stories contribute to our national identity, and I know these projects will showcase the incredible talent and creativity of our actors, writers, producers, directors and post-production workers – here in Australia and right around the world.”

Screen Australia’s Head of Content Grainne Brunsdon said, “We know there is an appetite for fun, joyful drama content in the international market right now and we’re pleased to announce a number of distinct Australian dramedies and romantic comedies that will engage global audiences as part of this mix. We are also proud to support Australian creatives expanding their skillset, including Northern Pictures producing their first feature film Little Bird and Arcadia bringing to life their first episodic drama with While the Men Are Away for SBS.”

“We have a solid pipeline of impressive applications coming through this financial year. In our first round alone we received applications that exceed our total budget for the entire year, and the remarkable calibre of projects means it’s incredibly competitive,” Brunsdon continued.

Screen Australia’s Head of First Nations Angela Bates said, “We are proud to announce two premium dramas today including a new season of Total Control which continues to not only captivate viewers but also provide important opportunities for emerging filmmakers above and below the line.”

Total Control Season 3
6 x 57 mins
Blackfella Films Pty Ltd
Genre Drama
Writers Stuart Page, Pip Karmel, Julia Moriarty, Meyne Wyatt, Debra Oswald
Producers Darren Dale, Erin Bretherton
Executive Producers Rachel Griffiths, Stuart Page
Broadcaster ABC
International Sales All3Media International
Synopsis In the corridors of power, adversaries Alex Irving and Rachel Anderson battle to control their political destinies.

North Shore
6 x 44 mins
Beach Road Pictures
Genre Thriller, Crime, Mystery
Director Gregor Jordan
Writers Mike Bullen, Marcia Gardner
Broadcaster Paramount+
International Sales ITV
Synopsis North Shore is a mystery drama series about the clash of cultures and personalities when a British and Australian detective are forced to team up to solve a high profile murder.

While the Men Are Away
8 x 25 mins
Genre Drama, Romantic Comedy
Creators Alexandra Burke, Kim Wilson, Monica Zanetti
Writers Kim Wilson, Monica Zanetti, Jada Alberts, Magda Wozniak, Sam Icklow, Enoch Mailangi
Producer Lisa Shaunessy
Broadcaster SBS
International Sales Red Arrow Studios International
Synopsis An 8-part queer, revisionist historical dramedy for SBS set in 1940s rural Australia. While the men are off fighting in WWII, the people who have been excluded from power suddenly find themselves running the show. Two Women’s Land Army recruits from Sydney arrive in the country and undergo a heady course in race relations, rural politics, spirituality, sex, and personal growth – oh, and farming.

There are also two returning Children’s live action dramas:

Rock Island Mysteries Series 2:
A 20-episode second series for Network 10, centred on irrepressible Aussie teen Taylor Young and her gang of friends. The group continue their adventurous search for Taylor’s missing Uncle Charlie now that they know he is still alive somewhere within the increasingly mysterious Rock Island. Series 2 sees the return of directors Jovita O’Shaughnessy and Evan Clarry, and writers Alix Beane, Marisa Nathar, Jessica Brookman and Trent Roberts. They are joined by writers Matthew Bon (Neighbours), Chloe Wong (Turn Up the Volume), Rachel Laverty (Home and Away) and Dave Cartel (You’re Skitting Me). Rock Island Mysteries is produced by Timothy Powell, and Jonah Klein of Fremantle Australia. It’s financed with support from Screen Queensland, with international sales by ViacomCBS.

The Strange Chores Series 3:
A 26-part third season for ABC, from the multi-Emmy Award winning production company Ludo Studio (Bluey, Robbie Hood) and Media World Pictures about two teenage wannabe monster warrior heroes Charlie and Pierce and a spirited ghost girl Que who master their skills from the ageing monster hunter Helsing by doing his strange supernatural chores. Director Scott Vanden Bosch teams up again with writers John McGeachin and Luke Tierney, and executive producers Daley Pearson, Charlie Aspinwall and Colin South. They are joined by writer Alix Beane (Rock Island Mysteries), Magda Wozniak (Mustangs FC), and producer Carmel McAloon (Lady Lash). The series is financed in association with VicScreen and with support from Screen Queensland, and is distributed globally by Boat Rocker.

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  1. Great to see locally made drama returning. It would appear by the story that networks Seven and Nine are quite happy to continue to dish up their cheap to produce reality shows.

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