Angela Bishop, from Bold & Beautiful to Breaking News.

In the past month Studio 10's Angela Bishop has filmed red carpet interviews, a cameo for Bold & Beautiful and been on the spot when UK news broke.

Life as an entertainment editor is rarely dull but not even Angela Bishop could have forseen the past month, having gone from red carpets to a guest appearance in Bold & the Beautiful to live reporting of the Queen Elizabeth II Funeral.

The 10 reporter was in the USA covering the MTV Music Video Awards when she paid a visit to the Bold & Beautiful studio.

Bishop is long-term friend to the show, covered it for three decades after Robert Mitchum’s granddaughter, Carrie Mitchum, and John Wayne’s grandson, Ethan Wayne, flew out for a launch party at a boutique in Double Bay.

Legendary producer and co-creator Bradley Bell even created a character for her, ‘JJ,’ with cameos filmed in 2017 and 2018.

“I’ve been reporting on The Bold and the Beautiful very soon after it launched in Australia and I’ve known Katherine Kelly Lang, and John McCook for that length of time. So I think they just sort treat me like family, which is really lovely. I hadn’t seen them all for such since COVID. I’ve done zoom interviews and the like, so when they said ‘We’d love to have JJ ‘ I was just stoked. It was really lovely to work with everyone, particularly with ‘Bill Spencer’ himself, Don Diamont (pictured above with Bishop).”

During her recent visit, Supervising Producer Casey Kasprzyk saw fit for ‘JJ’ to make another appearance.

“I was just over there shooting a story and suddenly a script lobbed and JJ was back!” she says.

“JJ is one of the best event planners in LA, apparently. Spence has got something up his sleeve and is trying to talk JJ into organising it for him,” she explains.

“It’d be quite good to be involved in some scheme of Bill Spencer’s! Maybe this event we’re working up to, turns out to be some dramatic way of putting someone out of business. If I’m inadvertently caught up in one of the dastardly things he has done or something, I’d quite enjoy that!

“I’m always proud of the fact that after JJ organised Ridge & Brooke’s wedding, it’s lasted a pretty long time.

“From 2018 to 2022 is 4 solid years… I’d say JJ, is the secret ingredient for a happy marriage!”

But soap storylines don’t compare to the real life events that have consumed her in recent weeks.

Whilst in London to interview George Clooney and Julia Roberts for their upcoming feature Ticket to Paradise, shot in Australia, news broke of Queen Elizabeth II’s death.

“When that news came through I was literally standing in the middle of Oxford Street. The Royal Family posted it on Twitter, believe it or not, even before the BBC. It was late in the afternoon, a bit after 4pm. I remember just putting my phone down and looking around and a whole lot of other people had obviously just seen it on their phones,” she recalls.

“Oxford Street is probably one of the most crowded streets on the planet. But it almost went silent, which is ridiculous. People were just looking around in disbelief. So then it was a case of me racing to Buckingham Palace to get into position to start broadcasting for 12 hours, throughout the rolling coverage.”

Outside of European commentators Bishop was the first Australian TV reporter at Buckingham Palace, reporting for Studio 10 and 10 News First.

“At around midnight, I went over to the gates of Buckingham Palace to do some vox pops, to talk to some of the people there and find out why there was a huge crowd of people at Buckingham Palace in the middle of the night. So many of them were saying they were sitting at home, but overwhelmed with this feeling of grief and couldn’t bear being alone.

“People were making friends with strangers, from all backgrounds … people who were born there, on holidays in London, people from different parts of the Commonwealth… from the United States of America -all wanting to have that community to share this belief and grief.”

Having been due to depart for the Emmy Awards (which she missed in staying 2.5 weeks), Bishop had packed red carpet outfits, and only a single black coat.

“I had to race out and buy more blacks. I had my black coat -I’d actually packed that on the basis that if I pack it nothing will happen to Her Majesty. I was thinking it would be Murphy’s Law.’ Pack this jacket ahd she’ll be okay. That was actually my intention.

“I wish I had been right.”

Angela Bishop appears in The Bold & the Beautiful today 4:30pm on 10.
Studio 10 8:30am weekdays on 10.

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  1. Channel 10’s coverage of the funeral was the absolute best with Sandra Sully and Lisa Wilkinson I couldn’t bare the sloppiness of the other stations, even ABC who basically went to BBC coverage which of course was solid too.

  2. Luv Ang, i think she has been very successful as an entertainment reporter because she is genuinely down to earth so she puts celebrities at ease & they give more of themselves & of course the yanks especially can’t resist an Aussie. It was good timing her being in London when HM died, she did an outstanding reporting job, it was just meant to be.

  3. Gotta to really hand it a handful of quality ten
    on-air people who have stayed with ten through good times and ordinary times over the years. Angela is one of them. Sandra Sully and Steve Quartermain are others. Well done to all!!!

  4. Not into soaps myself but I’ve always thought Angela is the most down to earth entertainment interviewer, no over the top nonsense like some go on with celebs who get star struck. Her interview with Guy Pearce was one of the best ones, she let him do the talking not like some interviewers who tell the celeb about themselves.

  5. I was amazed to see Angela Bishop doing serious reporting on the royal death from London.
    I thought: Why her – an entertainment reporter.
    But she did a fantastic job – very professional, informative and suitably solemn.
    I agree with ernie_81 – Angela is very down to earth and genuine.

  6. So down to earth and genuine and been ’round the block more than a few times.
    I’d say those past 2-3 weeks were like a blur. At the right place, at the right time.
    Thanks David for the interview.

  7. Angela Bishop is amazing! She’s not the first Aussie to appear on Bold as Ashley Brewer had a recurring role playing Ivy. I miss Quinn. 😥 Bold and Young & the Restless will be crossing over with a storyline where Nikki Newman tracks down Deacon.

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