Former Bachelorette participant threatened to kill stepfather

Magistrate sentences 2018 Bachelorette participant over using a carriage service in threats to kill his stepfather.

A former single on The Bachelorette has been convicted of using a carriage service in threats to kill his stepfather.

Charles Stanley Newling, who placed fourth in the 2018 season of The Bachelorette (which featured Ali Oetjen) sent more than 37 texts to his mother in the space of three hours in April.

The Daily Telegraph reports Newling’s mother and stepfather, who married when Newling was 13-years-old, were extremely fearful due to his increasingly violent behaviour.

“You are still controlled by that flog of a husband … I’m going to kill him one day in front of you before I go … You have no idea what im (sic) capable of but just know it’s not going to be pretty,” he texted.

Throughout the next few hours, the threats escalated.

In Waverley Local Court Magistrate Ross Hudson acknowledged Newling suffered significant childhood trauma, but said he must consider the “fear, torment and horror” that Newling’s messages caused.

At the time of the threats, he was on a court order following a mid-range drink driving offence in 2021.

Magistrate Hudson convicted Newling of using a carriage service to kill and sentenced him to a 13-month prison sentence to be serviced in the community by way of an intensive correction order.