Celebrity Letters & Numbers: Oct 31

Guests: Jenny Tian, Rhys Nicholson, Michala Banas, Carlo Ritchie.

This week on Celebrity Letters & Numbers:

Michael, David, and Lily are joined by contestants Jenny Tian, Rhys Nicholson, Michala Banas, and special Dictionary Corner guest Carlo Ritchie.

7:30pm Monday on SBS.

2 Responses

  1. i so wish the redux of l+n..hadn’t been about ”celebrities’ trying to be ”funny”,but just letting the original show play out with david and the amazingly likeable lily…that could/would work..imo.as for comedy and being funny in australia..everyone tries so hard,so manic,eveyone laughs at each others’ jokes like they’re listening to a robin williams.aren’t the greatest comics those that are sorta deadpan?did george carlin ever break up over something he said?bob newhart?richard pryor,nathan fielder,who david likes too…they make clever observations about the world that make us think why did i never think of that?here in australia,it seems they figure if i start laughing,maybe be audience will think its funny too.and its not just l+n.i don’t watch much oz ”comedy”but like shows like the project seem to be as bad or worse.i dunno…maybe i’m just grumpy…lol,pmsl,rofl..if you know what i mean.

  2. Finally, a non-“comedian” (Banas) who is likely to be far funnier than anybody else on the show (except for perhaps David Astle). I’m not sure if I’ll have the stomach to tolerate tomorrow night’s line-up. Nicholson is so painfully unfunny.

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