Returning: Celebrity Letters & Numbers

Michael Hing, David Astle and Lily Serna return to SBS with new episodes in a new timeslot.

Quiz show Celebrity Letters & Numbers returns to SBS for a fourth season next week, now in a new timeslot.

Hosted by Michael Hing, each week three celebrity contestants and a special guest in the Dictionary Corner join wordsmith David Astle and numbers expert Lily Serna to play a hilarious version of the classic show..

7:30pm Monday February 5 on SBS.

7 Responses

  1. It’s hard to feign enthusiasm after enduring three seasons of unfunny “comedians”. The producers sure can pick ’em.

    I might tune in, but I doubt I’d be bothered watching live anymore.

    *sigh* The things I do for David and Lily.

  2. i said at the time cancelling l+n was a terrible idea..think the guy who axed it claimed it was too expensive,and that was just dumb.besides drawing around 130k at times,there was a robust site on sbs with people trying to come up with answers lily wasn’t able to.having said that i’m glad its returning…would much prefer the original iteration,and not the unfunny “celebrity” one.

    1. Considering they’ve got a decade or so out of repeating it and would take just 3-4 weeks to record a 100-episode series it would offer incredibly good value for money to record at least another couple of series.

      Just wish they’d give Lily a higher board. That’s the one thing that lets the set down – it looks so awkward at that height.

  3. This is so cool. I love this show. It gets you thinking. I didn’t think it would return with Lily having a baby and Michael now on The Project twice a week. However 4th February is a Sunday. So is it Sunday 4th or Monday 5th. The old promoting of Deal or No Deal and Survivor starting on the 5th February – showed that the 5th was a Monday.

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