Bumped: Celebrity Letters & Numbers

Monday night timeslot proves just too tough for SBS entertainment series.

New episodes of Celebrity Letters & Numbers have been pulled from SBS, after just two episodes.

Celebrity Letters & Numbers was screening in a new 7:30 Monday timeslot, up against very heavy traffic, having previously screened on Saturday nights.

Last week it averaged 82,000 in National TV Audience figures.

SBS advises all remaining S4 episodes will drop on SBS on Demand at 4pm today.

These will be scheduled to screen on SBS at a date to be determined.

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  1. That’s too bad about Celebrity Letters and Numbers. It is a pretty good show. I like to record it and watch it later. I hope they put on the new episodes at some point.

  2. Also an odd decision to bump the show as the late Cal Wilson appeared in what should have been tonight’s episode (and they could have used that to attract some eyeballs). Don’t know yet if she appears again this season (though I’ll likely binge-watch them over tonight and tomorrow).

    1. So far they have only found 2 celebrities that can do any Maths and the best has been Merrick. AJ Lamar beat me in two letters rounds last week. But they badly need a Jon Richardson. I quite like Finding Your Roots: the research has all been done behind the scenes, so no pointless car trips to talk to guest historians of questionable quality. It’s all very neat and and focused. The DNA matching ads a bit of fun.

  3. MAFS Australian Idol and Australian Survivor if this is so called heavy traffic I wonder about the taste of TV Viewers, while it wasn’t the best show imo it’s the best show scheduled at that time slot

  4. Just echoing what others have said. Our Celebrity version just didn’t cut it. The original season was better. I know it’s been years since they aired new seasons, but if it was to return, it can be aired when Mastermind is on a break. And rotate between the two.

    1. Love 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown. And actually, speaking of 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown, Celebrity Letters and Numbers went head to head with it (although Cats does Countdown started 5 minutes after Celebrity Letters and Numbers on SBS Viceland).

      Oh, and does anyone know when the new season of Cats Does Countdown will start on SBS Viceland?

      1. The lastest series haven’t finished airing on Channel 4 yet. UK TV has the first run right to them here. They just have about finished airing 10 episodes they are calling S15, which I think contains the Christmas and New Year episodes from 22/23 and a spare episode that which aired last August on Channel 4 [I couldn’t watch them]. I do not miss Richard Morecroft. He was a news reader trained to read an autocue and never looked comfortable trying to banter with Lily and DA.

  5. It was a bizarre choice of timeslot given the stiff competition. The fact that the show has been painfully slow and unfunny from the start hasn’t helped either. How this ever managed to get renewed beyond the first batch of episodes, I’ll never understand. David Astle consistently delivered the show’s best zingers (which is an unfortunate reflection on the quality of the “comedians” they have on the show every week), and Lily was often too nice for her own good as the guests were obviously there for an easy payday, and usually made little to no effort in the actual games.

    Either bring us new episodes of the original format or send this very sad cow to the slaughterhouse.

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