Crazy Fun Park to lead MIPCOM charge

Aussie kid's titles are being showcased to the world in Cannes.

Upcoming ABC ME series Crazy Fun Park is leading the slate at MIP Junior and MIPCOM for the Australian Children’s Television Foundation over the next two weeks, as their titles are on showcase to buyers from around the globe.

Crazy Fun Park is the story of Chester, a teenage boy whose life is turned upside down following the death of his best friend Mapplethorpe at an abandoned theme park. Chester discovers that the soul of Mapplethorpe is very much still alive and kicking – so he returns night after night to hang out with his friend and the other undead kids who haunt the fun park.

Producer Joanna Werner said: “It’s a unique show: it’s about boyhood friendship and dealing with growing up and moving apart from each other, but also loss and grief. The characters get to experience a fantastically incredible time in a fun park at night-time, where all the kids that have died there come alive again.

“We’re really hoping that people who love Stranger Things will love this. I really feel like it’s a very universal theme, so we feel and hope that we can get a really wide audience. And it’s fun. It’s a really fun show to watch, with moments of beautiful depth, as well.”

Also on show for ACTF are Barrumbi Kids, MaveriX, Built to Survive, More Than This, Kangaroo Beach, Little J & Big Cuz and First Day.

Source: ACTF

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