Eureka shines The Floor for US market

Australian production company partners with John de Mol's Talpa for a new quiz format for the US market.

Australia’s Eureka Productions has partnered with John de Mol’s Talpa in the Netherlands to bring a new global format The Floor to the U.S. market.

100 quiz fanatics face-off in quiz duels on a giant LED floor divided into one hundred equal squares, each representing its own field of knowledge. The goal is to conquer the entire floor and take home a huge cash prize. The rules are simple: A contestant challenges an opponent in an adjoining square. The winner of a duel takes over the opponent’s square, and the loser leaves the game. After 10 episodes, the last person on The Floor wins $1,000,000.

“John de Mol and the team at Talpa have developed a brilliant format, that we’re confident will hook US audiences,” said Chris Culvenor, Co-CEO of Eureka Productions. “The Floor is a battle of brains on an epic scale. It’s reminded me of the classic board game RISK, but here, it’s your smarts and strategy that will enable you to gain ground and conquer the floor.”

The Floor is a unique and instantly recognizable, arced gameshow,” said Sebastian van Barneveld, Talpa’s Director International Distribution. “Who better to bring this format to the USA with than Eureka, one of the most prolific production companies today, in both the USA and Australia.”

Sydney and LA based Eureka has more recently produced Farmer Wants a Wife, The Real Love Boat, Holey Moley, The Amazing Race Australia and has Australia’s Got Talent and Million Dollar Island both coming up for Seven. It is also behind the U.S. reboot of The Mole, coming soon on Netflix.

Distributed by Talpa and commissioned by RTL in the Netherlands, The Floor has already begun to roll out internationally, with further deals expected to be announced soon.

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