Prime Video adds The Making of The Rings of Power

Fans can take a look behind the scenes of The Lord of the Rings with new 'X-Ray' episodes.

This is one for the Tolkien fans…

Prime Video has now made available The Making of The Rings of Power a special behind-the-scenes look at The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power.

Viewers can access ‘X-Ray episodes’ by scrolling to the Bonus Content section on the series’ main page on Prime Video here.

X-Ray’s behind-the-scenes content invites audiences to take a close, personal look at Season One’s production, allowing fans to discover how the series meticulously brought J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth to life in all of its splendour. These “making of” pieces, each corresponding to one of the first season’s eight episodes, provide a thrilling deep dive into the series, with exclusive access, behind-the-scenes footage, and interviews with the cast, showrunners, executive producers, directors, and production team.

“The Making of The Rings of Power” gives fans a special inside look at the creation of the unique realms that make up Middle-earth, including Númenor and Khazad-dûm, both shown on screen at the heights of their glory for the first time. These segments also reveal exciting details about the production design, set decoration, costumes, makeup, visual and special effects, stunts, sword fights, horseback riding, and so much more of the intricate preparation involved in creating this very special world.

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  1. When you realise it will be approximately two years before season two of this Amazon ‘adaption’ of Lord of the Rings is presumably going to be released, Prime Video should be hoping that most viewers had forgotten season one ever existed and start the creative process again. One bonus for TV salesman is that the shows CGI imagery works reasonably well in UHD 4K and 8K, and at least one major TV manufacturer has taken up an agreement with Amazon Prime to use some of their Lord of the Rings footage in its ‘store mode’ setting.

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