10Play launches new FAST channels

Entire channels devoted to MasterChef Australia, Prisoner, Survivor and Baywatch amongst first FAST channels on 10 Play.

Entire channels devoted to MasterChef Australia, Prisoner, Survivor and Baywatch are amongst new FAST channels now available on 10Play.

13 FAST channels have launched, offering a range of curated content in either single shows or genres.

There are channels specialising in Australian drama, action & adventure, retro cartoons and Christmas movies.

FAST channels are free to view, with advertising, with programming scheduled rather than on demand.

Daniel Monaghan, Senior Vice President, Content and Programming, Paramount Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) said: “Our new FAST channels deepen our offering to diehard fans with a world of content for the foodies, film buffs, reality fans and more.

“Devotees of MasterChef can gorge on back-to-back episodes from Australia and the US. And Survivor superfans can set up camp on a channel dedicated to all the series shot in South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

“Or if you want drama and can’t get enough of the Hoff, then you can stream every episode of Baywatch on a dedicated channel for this 90’s fan favourite. There’ll also be an Aussie Drama channel with a mix of much-loved shows such as Puberty Blues, Rush, The Secret Life of Us, and more. But if you like 80’s Aussie classics, join Lizzie, Franky and Bea on our dedicated Prisoner channel. And we have our Christmas movie channel for the whole family to enjoy.

“There’s something for everyone to stream for free this summer with a wealth of choice in this first taste of our FAST channels and it’s only just the start as we intend to expand in 2023.”

Rod Prosser, Chief Sales Officer, Paramount ANZ said: “Our new FAST channels will deliver a win-win for audiences and advertisers alike, providing targeted opportunities for marketers to reach key audiences with distinct interests, tastes and even passions, who want to know more about products and services aligned to their interests.

“This is just another feather in the cap for 10 Play which has had its biggest year yet, growing 6% on 2021 plus registered users have grown 84% in two years to 6.2 million.

“We’re excited to be able connect advertisers with this engaged audience with clear and tangible consumer buying power across a vast array of lucrative markets and industries.”

Whether you’re on the naughty or nice list this year, there’s a FAST channel for you on our list this Christmas, available via the ‘live’ section on the 10 Play app and website.

But we don’t want you to Claus a scene this Christmas so make sure your 10 Play app is up to date with the latest version, so you can settle in, sit back and stream FAST channels this summer and binge on your favourite shows, anytime, anywhere.

Here is the first tranche of FAST channels Paramount ANZ has launched in partnership with distributors Banijay Rights, Fremantle and Lionsgate.

Single Show or Franchise FAST Channels.
MasterChef (Australia and US).
Survivor (Australia, New Zealand and South Africa).
Total Wipeout (UK, Australia, Canada).
Wicked Tuna.

Genre or Multi-Show FAST Channels.
Action and Adventure: Fear Factor, The Island with Bear Grylls, Hardcore Pawn, Extreme Fishing.
Aussie Drama: Puberty Blues, Rush, The Secret Life of Us and Party Tricks.
Christmas Movies.
Little Kids: Paw Patrol, Blaze and Dora The Explorer.
Moviesphere: Featuring movies from the Lionsgate library.
Retro Cartoons: Ren & Stimpy, Catdog, Rugrats, Hey Arnold and more.
True Stories: Nightmare Next Door, Real Prison Breaks, Death Row Stories, I Shouldn’t be Alive, Declassified and more.

New FAST Channels Coming Soon on 12 December.

The Challenge: US series.
The Shores: Geordie Shore.

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  1. On paper, a dedicated channel looks like a good idea to satisfy fans who want to binge on their favourite shows without buying the DVD’s. Showing one season or 24 eps a day means a quick turnaround but viewers do have to sleep sometime so they’ll need an EPG and an alarm clock to catch-up.

  2. I got excited when I saw the words “retro cartoons’, but they are only cartoons circa the 90s. What about some more classic fare, original Looney Tunes, The Flintstones, The Jetsons, Scooby Doo. That coupled with some 60s and 70s sitcoms would get me in.
    Interesting that they have Baywatch, which was seen very recently on 9Go!

    1. No doubt extreme penny pinching by ViacomCbs ,only 9now is Full HD on all channels ,time to step up 2-7-10 and SBS who’s 3mbs 720P looks awful when watching the Soccer.

  3. I’ll be honest- I don’t get the appeal of these stream channel – they are too particular to capture a wide audience – yet if I wanted to watch something in particular (like a particular Survivor season – to use a Ch10 example) then I would stream it and watch on my own pace.

    1. That’s a good point. Sometimes having the programming curated by the programmers takes away the effort to look for particular seasons or episodes. Someone has done that for you, and it’s already there in a linear format. You don’t have to put effort into thinking about specific shows and seasons, which is an industrious task when you just want to sit back and enjoy. But they should curate and program from the perspective that fans are watching.

  4. I think this looks to be a fantastic platform for 10 and hopefully I would like to see some past Aussie shows like Cheez TV, TBYG (2009-12), It’s a Knockout and Video Hits.

  5. Wicked! Now, how about streaming classic episodes of “It’s A Knockout!”? They streamed the 80s episodes on their site once before when the reboot happened in 2011, so they can do it again.

  6. This is similar to the Pluto model. It might affect the ratings of the main and multi channels, though the segmentation for advertising opportunities is great. Savvy viewers are moving to the streaming platforms.

    Some people say television is dying, but it’s evolving. 10 has something now to celebrate going into 2023, and the viewers benefit as well.

    P.S. I hope they could have a Video Hits channel. Including the spin-offs Video Hits Up-Late, Video Hits Uncut and maybe The Loop. I don’t know if they had archived all that.

    1. They’d have to get clearance on all the music and I can’t see that happening. I think that’s why ABC only upload one hour of Rage a week.

      1. It will probably depend on the APRA AMCOS terms and conditions. There will be stipulations as to the usage. Rage I think is still streamed live on the linear ABC channels on iView. So it wouldn’t be too different to that.

        1. The ABC has a special agreement with AMCOS/APRA for Blanket rights. This is where the ABC pays a set fee each year that covers all radio and television broadcast usage of music. They still have to submit APRA reports like the commercials do, but not pay for play like the commercials do at a higher payment rate. Not sure if it covers online, but the Alston Determination allows for simulcast on-line streaming of the traditional original broadcast stream without extra clearance. So in effect the ABC is possibly unable to start an on-line streaming only rage channel, let alone have entire past broadcast episodes of rage available on Iview for viewing after broadcast.

    1. Are you sure there would be much of an audience in Australia for Stargate?, now if there was a dedicated sci-fi FAST channel that may be different, having said that all the better franchise sci-fi shows do tend to get snapped up in various broadcast deals so the quality of what could be made available to 10Play may be variable or many years old, which I don’t think would attract the needed advertising revenue, the only proviso is if the 10Play programmer understands the sci-fi genre and will develop it, but that would perhaps also mean developing a larger budget for this channel too.
      If you are a Stargate fan you are probably keeping up to date with the Stargate SG1 revival saga; is it a movie, is a TV series etc. Now it seems that MGM (now part of Amazon) will abandon the show even though much work was put into a possible revival by the shows original creators.

      1. The one thing that kept me hooked on Stargate was the audio tracks and sound engineering. The soundscape is excellent. It’s unique in that sense. I think it’s popular enough to have its own dedicated channel.

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