Survivor (US): update

Finale and Reunion are fast-tracked to 9GO! next week.

Attention Survivor (US) fans….

9GO! will once again screen a Live finale / reunion for Survivor as it concludes next week.

This season may not have been the strongest, but it did include a first-ever challenge in which producers were beaten by contestants and agreed to call it off and declare a tie. It has also featured a Paralympian athlete, Noelle Lambert, who has been great to watch.

9GO! screens from 12pm AEDT Thursday December 15.

All are replayed from 7:30pm primetime.

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  1. I’m just very happy to see it hasn’t been a season of politically correct speeches! While it hasn’t been as good as seasons of old, it has moved forward in it being about Outwit/Outplay/Outlast and not about race/gender/sexual orientation as it was becoming. Still hate the smaller tribes and less days – definitely needs to go back to 39 days and 20 Survivors!

    1. Actually Survivor has had entire tribes based on race / gender (for which it was heavily criticised) and was first won by an openly gay man, so these have always been part of its DNA. Given 40+ seasons the show has had to incorporate change along with the rest of television. The sky didn’t fall in by switching from “Come on in guys!” to “Come on in!” despite some objections it was raised.

  2. Noelle has been great casting and it’s been fantastic watching her compete in the challenges. I think it’s been an okay season. I’m starting to wonder if there are too many advantages now, it’s kind of hard to keep up with who has what. An okay cast, but I feel they are lacking some “iconic” players this season, players you really love or hate. I hope Owen can take it out.

    1. I’m with you there, Shiraz. I’m part of a six member Survivor pool where we each picked three players for the win. I’ve still got Cassidy and Cody left but I think Karla or Jesse might take it out. Because of the massive array of advantages etc, I do an animated summary for each episode to keep track of it all. And because of these twists, I reckon Australian Survivor is doing the game much better these days.

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