The Late Show With Stephen Colbert: Jan 12

Prince Harry's latest media screens late night in Australia.

Prince Harry’s latest media interview, on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, screens in the US this afternoon (Australian time).

This will air late night in Australia tonight, but you can doubtless expect to see excerpts across media before that.

I have no idea why 10 hasn’t schedule this earlier than 1am given it has Bull repeats from 10pm.

An exclusive late night guest appearance with Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex, discussing his memoir Spare. Plus, country music singer Ingrid Andress performs for The Late Show audience.

1am Thursday January 12 on 10.

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  1. Have you seen the unabridged extended 38 minute version interview on Youtube?
    Or the “edited for TV to make everyone look good” on the broadcast show.

    Ten’s move to keep the show at 1am paid off –
    They don’t want to break a winning streak of being 4th for the night.

    1. We watched it on YouTube and one of our bright sparks commented to lighten the mood : Glad Harry’s tequila wasn’t …one tequila….two..tequila….three tequila….floor …like it happens to Tom Hanks with his drink he called “Diet Cokeage” that Colbert enjoyed. We tried the Cokeage and where surprised because it isn’t bad at all.

        1. He has type two diabetes and he told Colbert he and his wife were having a drinks and he decided to put some of the champagne in the Diet Coke. When he made the first drink for Colbert he waved his arm knocked the drink over spilling it on Colbert, desk and the floor. “Cokeagne” (predictive text on my device didn’t agree with the spelling)

  2. Here we go with the lies again…everything I have been reading…Harry and Colbert doing shots…iI was under the impression the were knocking them back…nooo….the each had a glass about a quarter full with ice…and they were sipping away every so often….No wonder the man gets ticked off…🙄

  3. I guess you gotta do what you gotta do to sell yourself when you burn all your bridges and need a way to survive. Honestly what next have has he and she got planned for all the world to see. Time for this pair to zip it.

  4. Odd that 10 are persisting with Bull repeats tonight at 10pm in the non-ratings period. Surely bumping up The Late Show – just for tonight with Harry – would rate better.

  5. These are still fast tracked to P+ in the afternoons aren’t they? Still no excuse for them not to be trying to cash in on some of the interest by screening it a bit earlier on 10. Maybe they’ll show it on The Project? – or they could at least tease it there for a more respectable timeslot than 1am..

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