Australian Idol pips Survivor, but MAFS still rules.

Battle between two reality shows looks set to continue as Nine wins third night of the week.

On night 2 of the new Reality TV battle Australian Idol enjoyed a slight lift in numbers, while Married At First Sight and Australian Survivor experienced a similar dip.

MAFS remained well in front at 796,000 metro viewers down from its debut of 840,000.

7:30 was next in the slot at 442,000 then Australian Idol on 430,000 (up from 413,000) and Australian Survivor‘s 410,000 (down from 447,000).

However in the demos it was still MAFS #1 and Australian Survivor #2.

ABC’s Better Date Than Never followed at 257,000.

Elsewhere last night Australia’s Wild Odyssey drew 182,000 while newcomer Quantum Leap managed 216,000 / 118,000.

Nine won the night at 33.9% then Seven 26.6%, 10 16.3%, ABC 15.2% and SBS 8.1%.

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  1. I see zero way how The Voice can come back after watching an episode of Australian Idol. Such a saturated market, and this makes the Voice seem so “gimmicky” – as it is anyway!

  2. Image is labelled as “Royston-Saigigi-Baira” – another fail, as you mention it’s actually Edwin Fejo, who we won’t see in future audition episodes. Being handed a golden ticket would suggest a spoiler in my books!

  3. It will be interesting to see the +7s for these three shows. Will show a truer story to what everyone is watching. Idol has been good but hasn’t blown my socks off yet but I think it brings back the rawness of the auditions and what talent shows used to be. I think Seven might be disappointed though cos I did expect it to rate higher personally and a clear 2nd. Will be interesting to see what happens with Meghan Trainor too now she’s pregnant too if she comes back for the lives or does it via satellite. I know she’s not too far into the pregnancy but was curious about that. She’s my favourite judge on the panel though so hope she does.

  4. Another double ep of ‘Quantum Leap’ scheduled next week, but I could see that being bumped later-sci fi is usually late night with a relatively limited audience on FTA.

  5. Some rare good news for Seven with Idol growing slightly on night two. Not many younger people are watching it though and it clearly won’t dent MAFS. Interesting Seven News Sydney was winning last week when Angela Cox and Michael Usher hosted, but it’s not winning this week with Mark Ferguson back in the chair.

  6. I can’t recall that I have seen the scene of this cover picture last night.
    Looks like MAFS is in a league of its own. Idol and Survivor are competing for the 2nd popular primetime reality show albeit the latter wins demo.

    1. I’ve checked with Seven. He is Edwin Fejo one of several singers who gets a gold ticket to Top 50 but won’t be seen in Audition episodes. A bit of a mix up with network images, but technically not a spoiler.

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