Sonia Kruger to hit Oscars red carpet for Sunrise

Seven is the official broadcaster for the Oscars in March.

Seven will again be the official broadcaster of the Academy Awards in March, screening Live on Monday March 13.

Sonia Kruger will again hit the red carpet for Sunrise.

Seven’s broadcast will begin from 11am AEDT but there will also be 7Bravo coverage from 8am with E! Live from the Red Carpet coverage.

More details to come….


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  1. Yes a better choice than poor Nat last year who was totally out of her depth & couldn’t get anyone to stop. I think Sonia will have better luck as she has more experience in entertainment reporting.

  2. Will the stars know Sonia though? They may walk straight to the familiar faces to them in the press from Entertainment Tonight or some famous social media blogger, or personality from an American or British network or show. They could end up only with the unknown stars where their publicist has to stand behind them holding a sign with the stars’ names. Reporters like Nelson Aspen, Richard Reid, Richard Wilkins, Angela Bishop etc. would probably have no problem in getting the stars to speak with them on the red carpet.

    1. Nelson would be good, but finished with Sunrise some time ago. I suspect Seven would have difficulty sending Richard Wilkins or Angela Bishop. Oscars is the biggest red carpet of them all, so even they don’t get everybody they would like. Natalie Barr had a tough time getting stars last year, but Sonia has been previously.

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