Total TV pushes MAFS premiere to 1.85m

Here's how reality shows lifted in numbers 7 days after they premiered, plus a snapshot of how shows fared on Monday.

Total TV numbers for Married at First Sight‘s season premiere a week ago are in and have lifted the show from 839,000 overnight metro viewers to a huge 1.848m viewers.

That figure adds in regional viewers, 7 days of timeshifting and those who watch BVOD via 9Now.

The same Total TV numbers pushed an Australian Idol premiere to 885,000 and Australian Survivor to 879,000.

Last night the first MAFS dinner party drew 841,000 metro viewers, outranking Back Roads (510,000), 7:30 (509,000), Australian Survivor (449,000) -still second in the demos- and Australian Idol at 410,000.

However not all of the Nine audience stuck around for its new IVF series. Media Watch (459,000) and Four Corners (412,000 from 8:30pm) eclipsed a Big Miracles premiere of 326,000.

Seven News topped the night at 914,000.

Q+A was 219,000 for ABC.

The Grammy Awards drew 114,000 on Nine during daytime.

Nine won the night but you can read more here.

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  1. Nothing too surprising here – as much as those getting thumped in the overnights say wait until you see the uplift from the 7 day figures that the show they’re getting thumped by usually picks up just as significantly too.

  2. Interesting to see the total TV results. MAFS continues to absolutely dominate, then it looks like we’re settling into a pattern of Idol and Survivor being very close in total numbers and trading places (though Survivor is a consistent #2 in the overnight demos so far, which is what 9 and 10 say they focus on)

  3. I don’t want to sound mean but I’m not sure many people would want to watch a series about IVF – I’m not sure who thought that was a good idea

  4. Idol will grow. The level of names they have performing for the live shows will be impressive… and this is essentially a brand starting from scratch with a largely untested judging panel. I’m surprised they placed it in the most competitive timeslot of the year but to call it a dud would be premature.

  5. Great episode of Four Corners last night – that’s what investigative journalism is all about. I tried to stay on to watch Q + A but I just don’t like Stan as host. He doesn’t have the warmth or ability to get the most out of guests like Virginia or Tony. And no Stan, my opinion has nothing to do with race.

    1. I agree but Stan Grant I doubt even realises how obnoxious he is at time. He was rude on last week’s Q+A and gave plenty of airtime to his cousin on the referendum issue though, interrupting and cutting people off midway through talking. I grit my teeth and have started talking to the TV when he starts which my family say is more entertaining than watching him.

  6. So seven would have been hoping for a bigger bump for Idol than that. 855k for 7 day plus regional would seem too low for the expense of the show. Perhaps improved numbers as the competition progresses…..

  7. Incredible result for MAFS. Idol clearly a flop now we can see final figures. It’s failed to attract younger viewers and only narrowly beats Survivor in total viewers. Back to the drawing board for Seven. Singing, cooking, dancing, golf clearly haven’t been able to topple MAFS. Given all Seven seems to be able to do is put a new spin on old formats, maybe they should bring Biggest Loser Australia back in 2024?

    1. A little bit harsh, but I think Idol still needs some time to grow the audience. You have Regionals + T/Shifting and the 7+ app. When Linear+Regionals+Time Shifting and 7+ app comes along, the ratings are consolidated in one figure.
      I’m not a fan of MAFS, but MAFS is a ratings juggernaut in the start of Q1. The Tennis provides a good lead-into start of ratings season with MAFS.

      1. Did you read the story? 885k is the current total tv figure isn’t it? Of course it’ll grow but so will MAFS so the gap remains. Idol is a timeslot loser and won’t come anywhere near winning. Survivor is hot on its heels too.

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