Airdate: In Limbo

Love, grief, laughs, tears, Ryan Corr and Bob Morley are stuck In Limbo for ABC.

New ABC series In Limbo, starring Ryan Corr and Bob Morley, will premiere in late May.

The six-part series tells the story of best friends Charlie (Ryan Corr) and Nate (Bob Morley) as they’re faced with how hard it is to let go of those we love – especially when they’re taken too soon. And when they come back to haunt you. Literally. Exploring universal themes of friendship, love and grief, In Limbo will make you laugh and cry.

When Nate dies at just 38, Charlie is forced to face his grief in a way he could never have imagined, when the ghost of his dead friend begins ‘haunting’ him. There are no levitating tables or flying books, but confronting the spectre of loss is the scariest thing Charlie’s ever done. The only comfort is that he’s facing it with his charming, witty and garrulous best mate by his side – albeit in apparition form.

Production credit: A Bunya Productions and Heiress Films Production for the ABC. Major production investment from Screen Australia in association with ABC. Financed with support from Screen Queensland, with Screen NSW. Produced by Jennifer Cummins, David Jowsey, Angela Littlejohn and Greer Simpkin. ABC Executive Producer: Rebecca Anderson. ABC Head of Comedy Todd Abbott.

Wednesday May 24 on ABC ( all episodes available to stream on ABC iview from launch).


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  1. One day I saw a lot of TV production vans near my house and realised they were filming something. Then I saw the ad last night and realised it was this show. So I will be watching to see how much of the ‘hood appears on screen. Not exactly a first thought for a shooting location, but maybe the church needed the cash!

  2. Ugh I’ll watch… but only because Bob Morley and Ryan Corr are so watchable… but this is one of those “seen it a million times” stories which is a little disappointing. What is the fascination with ghosts, or ‘apparitions’ haunting the living that has generated such a renaissance lately in TV? This may be the last one I watch.

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