Aussie drama onslaught

There are five new and returning Aussie dramas over the next week.

It never rains but it pours.

In case you hadn’t noticed, five new and returning Aussie dramas are hitting our screens over the next week.

North Shore 8:40pm 10

Safe Home double episode 8:30pm SBS

Sunday May 14
Five Bedrooms Paramount+
The Messenger 8:20pm ABC (pictured)

Monday May 15
10 Pound Poms Stan

Not far away is Disney+ local drama The Clearing and new ABC comedy In Limbo, yep both on May 24.

Get out your PVRs or stream when you can clear up your calendar.

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  1. I haven’t had a PVR for years, because there hasn’t been a good one available in Australia for a long time. I will be streaming Foyle’s War on Foxtel and recording North Shore on a USB plugged into the tele. Ten might need the local content points for 5 Bedrooms and have to show it on FTA some time, but not too worried as I’ve seen 3 seasons and the last season was pretty sudsy.

  2. IQ all set to record these shows, thanks for the heads up David.
    It’s so important we all support local content & by giving shows a go & watching, it makes a big difference.

    1. Totally agree and our IQ is ready too, some almost a fortnight ago only because I’m a fan of Foxtel remote record app and don’t want to miss them.

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