Nine wrapping filming on Earth Science Investigators

A new science-based factual show is nearing completion at QTQ9's very busy Kid's Unit.

Nine Brisbane is completing production on a brand new Kid’s series, Earth Science Investigators.

Nine’s Kid’s Unit at QTQ studios in Mt Coot-tha continues to produce children’s entertainment for 9GO!, having been home to Smashhdown and Brain Buzz series.

The new science-based factual show, one of two new shows under Head of Production and Programming for Queensland Geoff Cooper and Series Producer Dominic Morris, follows the antics of two Amateur-Detectives from an Alien Planet.

If aliens came to Earth, what would they think of humans – the way we act, how our bodies function, what we rely on each day, how we choose to spend our time?

The show takes the form of a comedic investigation with each episode focussing on a different aspect of human behaviour or biology: Why do humans have pets? Why don’t humans live in nests?  Why do humans grow to different sizes? Why do humans take photos of each other? Why do humans hold so many singing competitions?

Each episode, the investigators ask a specific question that leads to an exploration of a broader aspect of life as we know it – from sport to digestion to technology to music to construction to fashion, deliveering a high concentration of STEM-based fun facts.

The cast features Ashlee Lollback (Boy Swallows Universe, Smashhdown) as Major Letdown, Arnijka Larcombe-Weate (Bureau of Magical Things, The Family Law, Boy Swallows Universe) as Private Groupchat and Michael Balk (dirtgirlworld) as General Ignorance.

Segments will include Flashback, Research Montage!, Initial Findings, The Simulator, Hit the Streets!,  Interrogation, Extremely Convenient Newsbreak and Final Report.

Geoff Cooper recently told TV Tonight, the Kid’s Unit was an important training ground for new talent behind the camera.

“More and more 9Now is where those kids go to watch content and comedy is kind of the area that we’re leaning into with  all of our stuff. But it’s going to be a format just a little bit more bite I guess and re-establish that training ground, with a production camera crew and editors cutting packages and people learning how to produce,” he said.

“We still need to develop talent and  I worry about where the industry is going .”

Production is due to wrap this week. An airdate is yet to be announced.

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  1. Good to see them investing in kids tv, especially when the biggest Australian show on television around the world is Bluey. It is a shame some other commercial networks aren’t as forward looking or innovative. Just viewing kids tv as a cost burden is wrong.

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