Renewed: Taskmaster Australia

Tom Cashman is currently in New Zealand filming new episodes of 10 comedy.

10 comedy series Taskmaster Australia has been renewed for a second season.

Co-host Tom Cashman has tweeted he is currently in New Zealand filming new episodes.

Tom Gleeson also returns as host.

10 is yet to confirm the cast for Season Two, given the show will have a new ensemble of comedians.

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  1. Nice to see Taskmaster returning. It’s Total TV ratings weren’t particularly great, but it did well in the younger demos that Ten likes. It’ll be interesting to see who they get to come on the show in the new season.

  2. I never new they filmed in New Zealand? Really? I was always trying to work out where that lovely location was. Never thinking of it being in another country. But so many lovely spots in NZ. When they are doing the live show are they in NZ too. Always wondered why I didn’t here about tickets for the show? How long to the contestants have to spend in New Zealand filming then, because like the UK show too I’m sure it takes weeks?? Seems like a lot of trouble and money.

    1. I think a possible reason is that the show can be exported to NZ if it has some NZ scenery or casting to broaden the reach.

      There’s a big market for Australian television exports. MasterChef Australia seems to be more liked in overseas countries than their local versions. The casting could also be a factor with well-known celebrity chefs taking part.

  3. Concetta Caristo has been absent from triple j breakfast whilst overseas filming a TV project, my guess is she will be on this show as Tom Cashman is a regular guest on the program.

  4. Fantastic news. Loved Taskmaster Australia. It is absolutely hilarious and Tom Gleeson is a fantastic host and Tom Cashman did a great job as the Assistant too. Can’t wait to see which comedians do season 2.

  5. Yessssss – Throughly enjoy TMAu1 and dare I say, it got just as good as the British edition by the end (after an ep or so – there was a slight wonkiness in feel in the first eps)

    The TMAu2 contestants have a lot to live up to, but I’m sure they will deliver

  6. So glad it’s back! I just hope “little Tom” can loosen up a bit in the new season and have a bit more fun with “bigger Tom”. I feel like he has a lot of comedic potential in his role but they really didn’t tap into it. Why does he not show any graphs? That’s literally his comedy schtick!

    Also, glad to see lesser-known comedians get their chance to shine. Had no idea who Jimmy Rees was prior to this (I don’t watch Tiktok or children’s TV, lol) and he was great.

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