Taskmaster Australia cast revealed

Five more comedy performers try their luck in a quest for the Taskmaster title.


10 has been filming a third season of Taskmaster Australia in Sydney.

TV Tonight can confirm the 5 comedians to feature include:

  • Anne Edmonds
  • Jenny Tian
  • Josh Thomas
  • Lloyd Langford
  • Wil Anderson

Tom Gleeson and Tom Cashman return in the series produced by Avalon / Kevin & Co.

A second season is yet to air with Pete Helliar, Mel Buttle, Aaron Chen, Concetta Caristo and Rhys Nicholson and is expected in May.

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  1. Besides Jenny Tian, who I am unfamiliar with, this is a solid line up and on paper looks to be quite a funny season. I’d also say there’s probably a high possibility they will play Anne against Lloyd; I mean, who wouldn’t?

    David, is there any indication that 10 might be looking at running two seasons a year? Is it just me or does it seem odd they’ll film something in March and keep it ‘in the can’ until 2025.

    1. Well if they show S2 from May it would have been in the can about 10 mths. So not that much different if they do hang on to S3 till next year. Happy if they go earlier though (not sure they necessarily will – maybe they’re just keeping an extra season up their sleeves in case something else tanks bad enough). I’ve had a sneak peek of mid season S3 and looking forward to seeing it all eventually 🙂

  2. Ooo, good cast, and hopefully it means we will get two seasons this year and not just one reordered super early. Fascinated to have a couple on the show this season, in Lloyd and Anne, it will create some interesting dynamics. But I can’t decide if I want them on the same team, or opposing teams.

  3. Kinda wish there were more lesser known comedians, but glad to see Wil Anderson on it though! That’s pretty surprising, for some reason I never thought he would have done something unscripted that isn’t a podcast lol.

    1. Agree, but lesser known comedians might not yield the audience needed to keep this show afloat. Three known and two “unknown” might be a nice balance, but then what’s the definition of comedian these days? I am not sure a TikTok poster should be in the same category as Wil Anderson.

      1. Yeah, I do understand that argument, but one of the more appealing things about Taskmaster has always been the lesser-known comedians always seem to be the more enjoyable cast members. Not just my opinion but an opinion I know plenty of other people have as well.

        I think just from listening to a lot of podcasts and watching live stand up, I know there’s a lot of undiscovered talent out there. Anne and Lloyd always pop up in HYBPA, they both did TGYH as well – do we really need to see them in yet another project as well?

      2. I’m curious, who are your 2 unknowns?

        Jenny is the one I’m least familiar with, but by no means unaware of her. I do quite often see her on Insta scrolls. Josh Thomas is hit and miss for me and it really depends, much like Julia last season, on which Josh comes out to play. The other 3 I’m very happy to see and bring on the spousal competitive shenanigans.

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