SBS on Demand: Good People, The Wall: The Orchard, Copenhagen Killer, The Dark Heart

This week a French comedy, Canadian thriller, Danish documentary and Swedish crime.

New and returning titles this Thursday at SBS on Demand are French comedy thriller Good People, Canadian thriller The Wall: The Orchard, Danish documentary Copenhagen Killer, and Swedish crime The Dark Heart.

Thursday, 13 April:

Good People
All six episodes available to stream. In French with English subtitles.
Tom and Linda are thirty-somethings living in Belgium, along the French border. He is a policeman, she is a beautician, and they are on the verge of bankruptcy. Caught between a rock and a hard place, they embark on a get-rich-quick life insurance scam in an attempt to give themselves a fresh start somewhere sunny. Their plan is going pretty well until everything goes wrong, when Philippe, a French constable with whom Linda has an affair starts to investigate… Stars Lucas Meister, and Bérangère McNeese.

The Wall: The Orchard (season three)
All eight episodes available to stream. In French with English subtitles
When Detective Sergeant Céline Trudeau returns to the small village of her childhood, the beauty of the Indian Summer is disrupted by an old trauma. 30 years ago, her cousin and best friend Veronique was murdered here. Now, Céline and Alex set out to track down her killer, who was never found. The suspects are old friends, neighbours, an ex-boyfriend – and even members of her own family. In this small, tightly woven village, protected by the silence of the nearby abbey’s monks, her quest shakes the power of those who call the shots in the region. Soon, even her own life is in danger. Stars Isabel Richer, Alexandre Landry, Jean-Phillipe Perras.

Copenhagen Killer (series one)
All three episodes available to stream. In Danish with English subtitles.
Two homicides and six cases of sexual assault – that’s what Denmark’s most dangerous serial offender is convicted for. But is it possible to connect Amagermanden to more crimes than he’s publicly known for?

The Dark Heart (series one)
All five episodes available to stream. In Swedish with English subtitles.
Sanna and Marcus are deeply in love and grew up on two nearby farms. While Sanna’s father Bengt is powerful in the small village, a millionaire and land owner, Marcus’ family are poor white trash. Bengt threatens that if Sanna doesn’t end her relationship with Marcus she will be cut out of her family inheritance. Shortly, Bengt disappears. The organisation Missing People is contacted and Tanja Thorell, a local beauty queen becomes obsessed with the case. She suspects Sanna and Marcus, the star-crossed lovers. Stars Clara Christiansson Drake, Gustav Lindh, and Aliette Opheim.

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