Neighbours welcomes back April Rose Pengilly & Jodi Gordon

Erinsborough coupledom resumes for Chloe Brennan and Elly Conway as actors return in extended guest roles.

April Rose Pengilly and Jodi Gordon are returning to Neighbours in extended guest roles.

They will reprise their roles as Chloe Brennan and Elly Conway, who fell in love in 2019 on the eve of Elly’s wedding to Chloe’s brother, Mark (Scott McGregor).

Jodi Gordon said: “I am thrilled to see the return of Elly on Ramsay Street where we’ll all get to see where the Chelly storyline is taken. In the lead up to the final episode, I think it became clear how much this show meant to so many people, so to see it return to our screens and now be part of it again is truly a joy and a celebration. The ensemble cast and production make this show what it is today, and I’m happy to see it has a place on our Australian and UK screens again.”

April Rose Pengilly said: “I am so happy that Chloe and Elly get to continue their love story, and we can’t wait to see how Chloe’s been handling step-mum life with little Aster. We continue to be blown away and grateful for the support from the #chelly fandom, and hope they enjoy this next chapter.”

Both will begin filming in Melbourne next month with the show expected on 10 and Prime Video in Spring.

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  1. I’m happy to see Elly and Chloe return for an extended presence. One of the greatest elements of Neighbours is that characters (and usually the same actors) would return to the street from time to time. Jodi and April are guest actors, they will return for a period of time then leave – also helps with continuity from Neighbours 2.0 into 3.0.

    Maybe Terese moved into Paul’s penthouse and Mischa Barton’s Reece moves into No 20 (would help explain the major house makeover). Mike and Jane are in No 24, the Rodwell’s are still in No 26, Karl and Susan in No 28, Toadie and Melanie in No 30 – Aaron, David and Nicolette were talking about moving to NYC so were most likely leaving No 32 anyway.

    Now that we know most of the returning residents, there’s still a house or two that could see new characters moving in and new stories coming to life. Bring on later this year!

  2. These are characters I would not have selected to return, I was glad to see Elly leave when she did, and Chloe‘s story has ended. We don’t need any more scenes of her standing or sitting with a blank stare.

    1. Yeah, this is partly why I won’t be watching the reboot.

      The finale did such a fantastic job of wrapping things up and saying goodbye, I’m happy to leave it there.

      Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled the cast and crew all have their jobs back and this training ground can continue, but I just felt the stories wrapped up nicely. If the reboot has to happen, I was hoping for less of the same characters to return and more new faces – eg. I’m glad the Rothwells are returning as they really didn’t get much of a chance, but I can live without characters like Elly, Jane, Chloe, Aaron, David and Nicolette. They had their day.

      I’m also concerned about their attempts to make Neighbours appeal to the US market. Aussie shows traditionally don’t have a great track record there and I don’t think we should be changing how we do things to suit their market.

      1. I think having characters like Paul, Jane, Karl and Susan provides a bridge from the past into the beyond given the shows longevity and history. Once Jane (Annie Jones) was confirmed to be returning, I think Nicolette, baby Isla at least would be too as they have the connection to Jane. Aaron and David would provide the diversity and modern day family unit.

        Earlier story this week of Guy Pearce coming back to wrap up his story and exit wasn’t surprising. The producers would be glad they didn’t end up going with Scott and Charlene buying Number 24. Can you imagine, oh crap – how do we explain this? We’re not going to get Jason and Kylie back ever again.

        1. Yeah, I get the need for those legacy characters, and for diversity, but I just meant those particular characters have been exhausted. You can have new characters with that diversity, and that’s what I was hoping to see.

          I know we’ll never be rid of characters like Paul (I’d like to be – nothing against Stefan, I just feel like there’s nothing new to be done with him), so I think those newer ones need to be refreshed.

          And I remember Jason Herbison even saying after the revival was announced that this gives them an opportunity to rebuild from scratch and modernise it a little. Hopefully that does happen, but not seeing much evidence of it so far.

          1. agree with the characters of Elly and Chloe – wouldn’t miss them.

            Also be challenging to secure previous talent if they’ve gone onto other roles so they have to look for new up and coming actors – Mischa Barton??? um no. I guess they have to start the revival off with a punch.

            Hopefully during the pause of filming, the exterior of some of the houses/front gardens can have a modern makeover but not totally unrecognisable.

          2. I can’t agree with there being nothing left to do with Paul. He is a legacy character and a link to past characters that could come back to the show like Elle, Andrew, David/Aaron, Rebecca, Lyn etc. He’s a complex love/hate character that can do bad things along with the good. We need him in the show imo.

  3. So we’ve got the same producers producing the show who brought in the same story lines that saw the demise of the show. What that saying about history repeating itself??

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