Mystery Road: Origin to return in 2024

Another prequel series with Detective Jay Swan is in development for ABC.


A new series of Mystery Road: Origin is in development.

In 2022 Mark Coles Smith featured a young Jay Swan in the prequel which became a success for ABC.

An ABC spokesperson told TV Tonight, “ABC is currently working with the Mystery Road team to develop a new series of Mystery Road: Origin.

Mystery Road: Origin is loved by audiences across the country and continues to be one of the most popular dramas on ABC iview ever.  It’s also been recognised overseas and currently has a nomination in the UK’s Broadcast Digital Awards, with the likes of The White Lotus and The Last of Us.”

TV Tonight understands a new series, to be filmed in Western Australia, is set to screen in 2024.

Managing Director David Anderson, who announced ABC’s new 5 Year Plan in Perth yesterday told local ABC Radio, “One of the reasons we’re here in WA, most of the leadership team as well as the Board, is to reiterate the commitment that we have to the West. Our job is to reflect contemporary Australia… to tell stories from around the country. We’re always looking to partner and partner to do it.

“(ABC’s) 11 locations and over 200 staff in WA is enduring. But we also commission with the independent production sector. Over the last five years, we spent $25m a year, which generated $75m worth of value for the audience. I think it’s important to always have, geographically, the country represented in what it is we do.”

Mystery Road: Origin is produced by Bunya Productions.

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