Neighbours to return in September

Network 10 confirms a September return to Ramsay Street, and announces a brand new family in the hood.

It’s official.

TV Tonight can reveal Neighbours returns to screens in September 2023.

An airdate is yet to be confirmed but the revived show on Network 10 will also welcome a brand-new family in Ramsay Street, the Varga-Murphy clan.

Hailing from the other side of the city, the Varga-Murphy family initially take up residence temporarily, and it quickly becomes evident there is more to their arrival than meets the eye.

Wives Cara and Remi, played by Sara West (Don’t Tell, Wakefield, Peter Allen: Not the Boy Next Door) and Naomi Rukavina (Harry Potter Theatre Production, Run Rabbit Run, Pawno), and sons JJ, played by Riley Bryant (Surviving Summer 2) and Dex, played by newcomer Marley Williams in his first television role – make up the Varga-Murphy family.

Sara West said: “I’m so honoured to be a part of the new Neighbours legacy and really looking forward to bringing the Varga-Murphy family to Australian and international screens. Cara has a bold, impassioned love for her family and I love that her intentions have, so far, always been good. I hope having the Varga-Murphy’s on tele will help better reflect the beautiful LGBTQIA+ community that I’m proud to be a part of and I can’t wait to share the family with you!”

Naomi Rukavina said: “I am thrilled to be joining the new Neighbours legacy. As a stalwart of Australian drama television, the show is on the front foot of showcasing diverse and real representations of Australian families, not in a tokenistic way. The joys, sadness and madness of Neighbours has been a great adventure thus far and the Varga-Murphy family have already formed a special bond off screen and on. I can’t wait to share it with the world.”

Jason Herbison, Neighbours’ Executive Producer, said: “We are delighted to welcome the Varga-Murphy family to Ramsay Street and the amazing cast portraying them. It feels fitting that the new season will herald the arrival of a new household, with many new stories to tell. They have fitted into Erinsborough beautifully, they are warm, fun and also very unpredictable.”

Neighbours will continue to premiere in Australia on Network 10, its home for over three decades then Prime Video in Australia and New Zealand seven days later. UK and U.S. audiences can view the series on Amazon Freevee.

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  1. I’d like to see neighbours showing it on the main channel rather than on 10 peach. Neighbours should never have moved from Ten to 11 back in early 2011. It was a very fatal move for Neighbours to move to Channel 11 due to the ill-fated News Revolution.

  2. Good to read that there’s an airdate (of September).

    And a new family going to live in Ramsay Street, which is great. And not connected to the other residents (that we know of), which is a rarity.

  3. So good! I hope they have good actors and storyline’s like they used to in the 80’s and 90’s. Home and Away nail it every week so I hope Neighbours do to now. It was all over the place with casting and storyline’s in the last few years, even the houses interiors looked like IKEA show rooms. Just keep it simple like every day Australian homes and lives.

    1. I feel the way you do about Neighbours about Home and Away.
      I watched it since I was a kid, but aside from a few of the oldies I have no interest in any of the characters anymore and the stories are seriously tired rehashes of stuff they’ve done before. It’s actually boring.

      1. I agree, H&A lost it’s charm and appeal for me about 10 years ago. I last enjoyed it when it had Dexter, Ruby, Xavier, Indie, April and Romeo etc. It had more heart and characters were more believable or something. Neighbours is far more enjoyable to me now. It looks back to its past more and brings back old school characters, it can laugh at itself but still has very touching and engaging storylines. David and Aaron alone brought so much appeal and energy to the show, Summer Bay could never pull off a gay couple like that. It wouldn’t dare to. H&A takes itself way too seriously imo.

  4. Let the guessing games begin! Will we see Neighbours at 6.30pm with The Project trimmed or axed? And will they look to move their prime time kick-off to 7pm?

    I like the idea of a double episode slot but with 5 per week, that’s not really feasible. I wonder what expectations 10 have for overnight and BVOD figures?!

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