Returning: Adam Hills: The Last Leg

Guests Miriam Margolyes and Kevin Bridges kick off a brand new season.

Season 28 of Adam Hills: The Last Leg returns to ABC  with guests Miriam Margolyes and Kevin Bridges.

Fast-tracked from the UK, Adam Hills, Josh Widdicombe and Alex Brooker are back for a brand new season taking an entertaining look at the big events of the week. With special guests Miriam Margolyes and Kevin Bridges.

It returns at 8:30pm Tuesday July 4 on ABC TV Plus / 10:05pm Wednesday July 5  on ABC.


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  1. It was great seeing Alex Brooker co-hosting Nine’s Pointless. Why has it gone back to repeats? Guest co-hosts still yet to be shown are Vick Hope, Gyles Brandreth, Ria Lina, Andi Oliver, Nish Kumar, Ed Gamble, Lucy Porter, Rose Matafeo and Sally Phillips.

  2. I don’t understand why in 2023 it takes three or four days for a highly topical show on Friday night in UK to be shown in Australia . Is it a licensing issue? Otherwise it doesn’t make sense. ABC is only showing repeats on Saturdays and it would be easy to slot this show in then. Would make it much more relevant and current.

    1. The show needs to be re-edited for Australia.

      It airs live and with ad breaks in the UK. The ad break throws would need to be edited out.
      Given the show ends at around 11pm on a Friday night, this is most likely a Saturday morning job (which would be too tight for a Sat night Australian airing) or Monday job for someone.

      The Australian intro is usually recorded straight after the UK show ends.

      Of course, the ABC could air it with the ad breaks (or promo breaks) included for a quicker turnaround.

  3. Wednesday next week?

    The new series doesn’t start in the UK until Friday (30th) next week (it airs live).

    Unless next week’s is a rerun or Australia only show.

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