Adam Hills: The Last Leg: Nov 15

Adam, Josh and Alex are back in a new season this week.

A new season of Adam Hills: The Last Leg kicked off last night (oops) on ABC TV Plus.

That episode is also replayed tonight at 10:35pm on ABC.

Joining Adam, Josh and Alex this week are comedians Jon Richardson, Joe Pasquale and Desiree Burch. Performing are TYGERMYLK & Alice Ella.

First run eps are always 8:30pm Tuesday on ABC TV Plus. Note to self.

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  1. Still surprised it is on ……… knowing that channel 4 did cut the episode count for last season will be interesting to see how much longer it lasts ….

    1. You can watch the ABC episode on iView.
      FFWD through the episode as required to when you remember the various acts were during the live broadcast & compare.

      1. TYGERMYLK & Alice Ella (Mentioned in David’s article) were the disabled buskers (pitching for a spot on London’s tube system).

        There may have been rights issues preventing it being played in Australia. From memory, one of the songs was a cover.

  2. And the ABC version is the usual 7 to 10 mins shorter than that broadcast on Channel 4 (this episode it’s 38 mins compared to 48 mins). You don’t need to do anything nefarious to see … simply look at the Channel 4 catch-up webpage to see.

    I fail to understand why either BBC Studios &/or the ABC think that we Australians (or anyone else outside the UK for that matter) don’t deserve to watch the show Uncut.

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