Ted Lasso: “We only conceived these three”

Star and creator Jason Sudeikis says Apple TV comedy was conceived with a 3 season arc -but fans want more.

This week’s 75-minute season finale of Ted Lasso certainly had an air of finality to it, leaving both fans and cast to ponder if there will ever be more?

Speaking on the Fly on the Wall podcast, creator Jason Sudeikis said, “This story is done. It sounds like such a political answer, but it’s the truth. We only conceived these three [seasons], then this thing became this big old thing.”

He revealed that they have “thought about” possible spin-offs, suggesting that the series could continue in some other form.

“Whether it’s [a book], whether it’s doing podcasts about the episodes to offer those audio commentaries… just to talk through things and the themes,” he continued.

“And also it would explain the show in a much more cerebral way than I ever would have been able to explain it to anybody. Yeah, there’s opportunities, I think, for spin-offs.”

The cast also received no indication as to whether the show might live on.

“Brett Goldstein and I, all the way through the shooting of the third season, it was like we were both already in mourning, so I’ve been feeling this feeling for quite a while,” star Hannah Waddingham told Entertainment Weekly.

Waddingham is however open to the idea of her own spin-off if it were offered.

“It’s not really something I’ve thought of,” she said. “But if there were more to come, I’d certainly entertain the idea. I’d be crazy not to. It’s a beautifully crafted role that I’ve thankfully had a large hand in. I’m fully invested in her, so I would always entertain that.”

Source: Digital Spy, Yahoo

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  1. That was a brilliant finale to Ted’s story and (potentially) AFC Richmond’s story.

    While I trust the creative minds of the show to come up with compelling material for a continuation/spin-off series, I also hope they don’t do it Nilly-Willy – and that the continuation series is only done in a well thought out manner

  2. Please let it end there was perfect as it was and what would the show be without Ted, was enjoyable while it lasted but was wrapped up well.

  3. As much as I loved this show, Ted Lasso should finish now. The finale was a near perfect ending to a genuinely brilliant program. A truly funny comedy that could also take you to a deeply emotional place, all while showing that kindness, compassion and humanity will also win out. Bill Lawrence (co-creator) needs to learn the lesson from Scrubs having the series ‘finales’ that almost killed the legacy of the comedy.

    1. The urban legend of the Final Season of Scrubs is that Bill Laurence was reluctant creatively to actually do it, but did it to ensure employment for the cast and crew who needed it (remember it was in the direct aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis).

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