When Kangaroo Beach came to Parliament House

Kids, MPs and Senators alike posed for selfies with characters at the Australian Children’s Television Foundation Showcase this week.

ABC ME’s Kangaroo Beach, The PM’s Daughter, and NITV’s Little J & Big Cuz and Barrumbi Kids converged on Parliament House this week at the Australian Children’s Television Foundation Showcase -the first since 2018.

Minister for the Arts Tony Burke hosted the event attended by kids, cast members, politicians and screen industry professionals.

Joining them were preschoolers, newborns and Senators posing for selfies alongside lifeguard cadets Neville and Pounce from Kangaroo Beach.

Fans of The PM’s Daughter met Cassandra Helmot, who plays the lead role of Cat while actor Aaron Fa’Aoso, who voices Old Dog in Little J & Big Cuz, was also a popular guest.


Minister for the Arts Tony Burke said: “Learning about our stories, our emotions, our places, doesn’t start when you reach adult drama – we want people to be relating to those stories from the beginning of their lives in this country. We want to make sure that those stories reflect the full representation of modern Australia.

“There are First Nations stories that need to be available not only for First Nations children, because it’s essential that they see themselves on screen, but it’s also essential and wonderful and beautiful that the rest of the nation gets to share in that as well. It’s also the magnificent web of immigration stories that we have… we want to make sure that what we see on screen looks like modern Australia. That’s what we mean when we talk about a place for every story.”

ACTF Chair Helen Silver said: “Australians produce exceptional children’s content, including both animation and live action children’s drama, as a direct result of the Government policies and funding which underpin our industry.  This is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the breadth and diversity of our screen industry’s offering to children, and the shows we’ve been supporting over the last few years. Quality children’s content entertains, engages and inspires young audiences, and we know that it has many supporters in Parliament House. But there is nothing like bringing the shows, and children to watch the shows, into the building itself to demonstrate the value of investing in quality Australian children’s content.”

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