Hard Quiz: Aug 2

This week's topics: Australian parrots, cricket bats, bones and WikiLeaks.

Tom Gleeson returns with Hard Quiz this week.

These contestants are in the running for the big brass mug:

Paul is fascinated by Australian parrots, Alex is convinced he will hit cricket bats for six, Connor has broken so many bones that he’s virtually a specialist, and Flick is a know-it-all about WikiLeaks.

8pm Wednesday on ABC.

5 Responses

    1. I’ve really been missing new Hard Quiz. Is WikiLeaks anything to do with Wikipedia? Will pass parrots on to couple bird lovers I know. Bones sounds interesting while I’m bad at playing cricket.

      1. Wikileaks has nothing to do with Wikipedia…Wikileaks founder is Julian Assange it has publishes classified documents and other media anonymously….Wikipedia was co founded by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger of The Wikipedia Foundation a non profit encyclopaedia maintained by volunteers ….hope that helps to clear the confusion…. Parrots are like AI haven’t got a clue what it says or even what it means…I can’t play cricket either😂

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