“I love The Block”: Scott Cam signs new Nine deal

The Block host denies industry rumours he is set to leave long-running reality show.

Scott Cam has denied rumours he is leaving The Block after this forthcoming season.

Earlier this week Yahoo! speculated that Cam was set to leave the Nine reality series.

At a media event for Season 19 today, Cam was asked to respond to rumours.

“… that I’m leaving the network? Well, I wanted to say I haven’t told Shelley (Craft, co-host) this, but two months ago, unfortunately I signed a multiple year deal with the Nine Network.

“So to all my friends at the Daily Mail, keep up the good work.”

“Sticking around how good is that? An easy decision, I’m hoping?” Craft enquired.

“Of course it is. I love The Block. I love the Nine Network,” he replied. “I’ve been there 24 years and I couldn’t think of going anywhere else. I love it. I love this show. I love everything about the network and everybody in it.”

Season 19 begins Sunday August 6 on Nine.

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  1. The only time I ever read an article with an option or rumour is on this very website. I can be assured that it’s stemmed from actual journalistic research and integrity, is never written for clickbait, and most crucial is not going to cause issue with the names mentioned.

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