Million Dollar Island: July 10

Finals week begins with 24 remaining players on Seven.

Finals Week begins on Million Dollar Island next week, with 24 remaining players (although strictly speaking that doesn’t always mean a grand final just yet).

The stakes have never been higher, with some players more than willing to cross a moral line to claim their share of the million-dollar prize pot.

With the ravages of starvation taking its toll on his body, NSW concrete pump operator Jordan Butler, approaches opposing Vine camp member, Jack Carmine, begging for food.

“I can feel my whole body shutting down. I just need to ask you, man to man, for something to eat. I’m starving, mate,” pleads 21-year-old Jordan. “I’m physically feeling things that I’ve never felt before. I feel like I’m about to pass out.’’

But Jordan’s pleas for compassion fall on deaf ears as Jack brutally shuts him down, choosing to play the game. “I just don’t care. I’m here to win a million bucks. He breaks, he’s out!” says the 38-year-old Queenslander in response to Jordan’s request.

As Vine camp hoards their supplies and starvation continues to take its toll on Log camp, the hunger games reach a dramatic climax. Who will have the strength to rise above and fight for the life-changing prize?

On Million Dollar Island, alliances mean everything, and friendships are worth a fortune. Ultimately, a nail-biting final challenge will help determine who walks away with their share of the $1 million prize.

7:30pm Monday and Tuesday on Seven.

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