Ruck Round on FOX Footy

"FOX Footy is finally recognising the most important position on the field" says AFL boss.

FOX Footy is renaming AFL Round 21 as Ruck Round.

Gillon McLachlan, AFL Chief Executive Officer, said, “It’s an incredible day today. FOX Footy is finally recognising the most important position on the field. Round 21 is going to be renamed ‘Ruck Round’.

“It is a huge day for the big men and women of our game – it is something I have been pushing for a long time.”

To kick things off, Essendon cult figure and 2022 Goal of the Year winner Sam Draper (and his iconic mullet) will join the On the Couch team on Monday night.

Ruck Round is a chance to honour the often unheralded (and occasionally awkward) tallest players in the competition, from past champions Justin Madden and Simon Madden to current stars Mason Cox and Lauren Pearce.

“Being a ruck in the AFL is an absolute dream come true,” said Collingwood gun, Cox.

Essendon legend Simon Madden is passionate about whether to bounce or throw the ball up: “It’s the only game where the umpire or referee needs to have another skill besides decision making. It might be easier to throw it up. We have gone through games where the ball has been thrown up and nobody notices.”

His brother and Carlton premiership champion Justin Madden disagreed: “Bounce it, just not so high – that’s when they make their mistakes. It’s like a golf shot – same thing with the boundary throw ins.”

Fox Footy’s Ruck Round will amplify footy fans’ appreciation for giants of the game, physically and metaphorically.

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