Seven to replay John Farnham: Finding the Voice

In case you didn't see it, or just want to watch it again...

Buoyed by the stellar success of John Farnham: Finding the Voice on Monday, Seven is set to replay the music doco on Wednesday night.

In addition to bumper ratings and glowing reviews, the doco has helped push album sales for Farnham.

8:30pm Wednesday on Seven.

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  1. I knew that would stir the pot..ha ha, nut like the rest of you I was just having my say . Yes I did grow up with Mr Farnham’s music…for the record I am in my late 60’s and some of the so called singers we have these days leave me cold. Rest assured I shall certainly take all the advice and watch something else !!!! Have a great day everyone 🙂

    1. Nothing wrong with stirring the pot or having your say..you’re entitled too…yes and some singers today do leave a lot to be desired …one example is John Ottway who takes great pride in being terrible and supposedly the worse singer with his song “Bunsen Burner” and rock opera “Cheryl”. He’s on YouTube…..he’s something else 😂..you enjoy your day too.

  2. Well at least this time around it won’t have the ridiculous “vote for Sonia Kruger” bug in the corner in the first two minutes covering up the title of whose voice it was we were hearing.

  3. Wow, that’s a quick turnaround. I know that commercial television do often repeat shows these days, usually on the multi-channels. Am surprised that this is repeated on the main channel.

    1. He’s way better than the singers we have today. He’s a legend and you probably didn’t grow up listening to him judging by your comment. Nobody is forcing you to watch it.

      1. Better than singers today is debatable…I’m a product of the early 50s and loves all music genre and regularly attend concerts and I’ve seen some pretty miserable singers throughout the decades…including the “Farnham era”…he may be a legend to you but he’s just average to me…(being a regular audience member and watching the live performances on Bandstand including “Sadie” come to mind)….I think there are bigger legends that have done so much more for the music industry (including Australia)….it’s my firm belief if it wasn’t for the 50s (post war era) then all the music we have wouldn’t be what it is today.

        1. Seven are struggling to find stuff to fill in around the World Cup. Many successful singers today rely very heavily on Autotune and filters.

          1. Yeah…Seven favour ABBA a lot..…plenty of other legends they could source…not a fan of sport either…I prefer Foxtel music docos and their music channels ..more legends, background and variety….or YouTube Music…and don’t mind paying either.

    2. So change channels…just like those who don’t follow football, or cooking shows, or talent programs, shall I go on? If you don’t want to watch then pick another station to watch.

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