Returning: Billy the Kid

Tom Blyth and Aussie Daniel Webber return to western created by Michael Hirst in October.

Season two of US western Billy The Kid will drop in October on Stan, same day as the U.S.

The series written and executive produced by Michael Hirst (Vikings) stars Tom Blyth (The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes) and Aussie Daniel Webber (Escape from Pretoria, Marvel’s The Punisher) as outlaws on the American frontier and their pivotal role in the Lincoln County War.

Based on true events, the series traces the life William H. Bonney or Billy The Kid (Blyth), from his origins as a young boy coming to the West from New York with his immigrant Irish family in hopes of a fresh start. He meets Jesse (Webber), a fellow gunslinger who has already embraced a life of crime: robbing stores and cattle rustling. Jesse is attracted to his wild and reckless character and becomes Billy’s doppelganger of sorts — his shadow self, forever inviting him over to the dark side of life.

The series also stars Eileen O’Higgins as Kathleen McCarty, Sean Owen Roberts as Bob Olinger, Dakota Daulby as John Beckwith, Ryan Kennedy as Ash Upson, Ian Tracey as Frank Baker, Vincent Walsh as Lawrence Murphy. Further rounding off the cast are Jamie Beamish as Henry Antrim, Guillermo Alonso as Melquiades Segura, Shaun Benson as Riley, Christie Burke as Barbara Jones, and Chad Rook as James Dolan among many others. Michael Hirst serves as the writer and Executive Producer of the series, alongside Executive Producers Donald De Line (De Line Pictures), Darryl Frank, and Justin Falvey (Amblin Television).

Monday October 16 on Stan.

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