The Block, The Voice neck and neck in Sunday battle

A strong start for two new reality juggernauts, but head to head battles meant a drop on 2022 launches.

At 722,000 The Block pipped The Voice‘s 716,000 metro viewers last night.

Sydney preferred The Block, but Melbourne preferred The Voice, contrasting where both shows were filmed, but reflecting winning news bulletins. Brissy also preferred The Block but Adelaide & Perth locked onto The Voice.

Going head to head meant both were down on 2022 launches The Block: 867,000 The Voice: 843,000 -but both will lift in Total TV.

The battle left Restoration Australia at 390,000 then Hunted at 344,000.

Later 7News Spotlight (458,000) pipped 60 Minutes (447,000) then Bay of Fires 269,000 which continues to draw in big crowds in Total TV.

FIFA Women’s World Cup pulled 350,000 for the Sweden v USA match although it rose to 537,000 for the post-game portion which helped Seven to a clear network win thanks to 7mate.

Seven network won Sunday with 39.0% then Nine 29.1%, 10 12.8%, ABC 12.1% and SBS 6.9%.

Seven News was #1 at 943,000. The Latest drew 302,000.

Nine News (853,000) was best for Nine. A late edition was 222,000.

The Sunday Project managed 220,000 / 166,000 for 10. 10 News First was 153,000 / 130,000. A replay of Thank God You’re Here was 75,000 across the network.

ABC News was 516,000. Compass (161,000) and The Beast Must Die (73,000) followed.

On SBS it was SBS World News was 142,000 / 103,000 then Colosseum (100,000) and Amazon: The Lost World (49,000).

In Total TV numbers last Sunday were:

Bay of Fires: 901,000
Hunted: 661,000
The Beast Must Die: 207,000
Ashes Series: 915,000
Insiders: 497,000
Restoration Australia:  687,000
60 Minutes: 755,000
Logie Awards: 1.35m

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 6 August 2023

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    1. According to Voz, both The Block & Voice has been adjusted down?

      The Voice: 708k metro
      The Block: 698k metro

      So looks like the Voice won overnight without Voz being added. But either way it is very close between the 2 programs

    2. Does anyone know why the metro ratings change slightly from when they get released in the morning to when they get released at 1pm? I have noticed it happens often. Today for example the morning metro ratings were Block 867k and Voice 843k. But when the total voz figures came out in the arvo Block metro was 698k and Voice was 708k?

  1. someone referred to tv circa 1961 as a “vast wasteland”.what would he have to say about this era of”reality”non stop? drama and comedy series,are they even getting produced fta anymore?on the back of david’s writing about it i’ve been watching bay of fires on iview..it’s not great,by any means,but it is different and quirky and glad it gets decent numbers

  2. The Voice was amazing last night, it was great family viewing and the voices were amazing as was the production. Also, Jason is a great 4th judge, talk about adding star power to an already great judging panel with Rita, Guy and Jess. I will watch the whole season for sure! The Voice made Australian Idol look like amateur hour.

    1. For us it was the Law & Order-a-thon on 7something. Old eps but none aired for decades, unlike the newer eps on a loop from 10. L&O Criminal Intent even.

      1. Just in case you are unaware Jason, the old Law and Orders are on 7flix (76 in my part of the world) every Sunday night. Always start with Crim Intent at 7.30 then SVU and finish with the great old original Law and Order. I love watching them all.

        1. Thanks but am aware. We started at S1 E1 a few months ago. Yes, they are great and far better than the fake drivel on 7, 9 and 10 from 7:30. A(nother) replay of Thank God You’re Here was 75,000. For a Sunday night just pathetic 10, but I guess if you have nothing else…

          1. But they did have something else …. a (ahem) “new” episode of FBI.

            Now I know that show doesn’t pull big numbers, but it would be better than 75k. And for the last remaining suckers like me who don’t rely on streaming for our non-reality content, Ten’s daft programming decision to pull first run content and replace with an encore (repeat) at the 11th hour is a reminder that it will soon be time for me to help let FTA TV slip peacefully into the night, like the TV execs seemingly want.

  3. Watched The Block and switched to Seven periodically for The Voice but never saw any singing. Only long commercials or backstory filler.

    I guess it’s catchup for me to see the 25 minutes of performances.

  4. The post match section of the World Cup was actually the extra time and even the penalties concluded another 15mins after the post game section was supposed to. The whole coverage finished around 40min after originally intended

  5. It’ll be interesting to see how the Matilda’s v Denmark game affects ratings tonight. If 1.5m watched the Canada match, this one should blow that out of the water and leave all other channels fighting over scraps. Brave to waste first run content against that match!

    1. The Hunted final episode ends 10 minutes after kick off in the East Coast, The Block 20 minutes. They should still rate well. I’ll be watching Hunted and then switch to Seven.

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