Todd Woodbridge films Tipping Point episodes

More signs ex-tennis champ is set to become Nine's new go-to game show guy.

Nine is yet to confirm Todd Woodbridge as host of Tipping Point, but that seems to be a fait accompli with the Herald Sun reporting he has shot episodes in the UK.

As previously reported Nine shot a series of episodes in the UK prior to its announcement that Hot Seat would be rested in 2024.

That decision may have been triggered by viewing Woodbridge in the role, on set in the UK with expat Australians. The ex-tennis champ is currently a presenter on travel show Postcards.

The full season is likely to be filmed in Melbourne with Eddie McGuire having stated his hopes for the crew to work on the replacement 5pm show.

Tipping Point UK was first screened by Nine with host Ben Shephard in 2019.

Nine holds its 2024 Upfront next Wednesday in Sydney.

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  1. As much as I’m not the biggest fan of Tipping Point (Don’t really understand how it works) – This is the perfect choice Re: Viewer Demographic and Ben-style replicant. Smart choice and I am sure the viewers they want will love this choice. Other states may not see Postcards, so some of those commenting negatively may be slightly ignorant.

    1. 1000% agree, also as a tennis fan.
      And then when you put him and Jelena together it is awful, they have zero chemistry together, its an automatic mute for me.
      How they could even consider him as a gameshow host is beyond me

      1. Todd absolutely savaged Sam Stosur one year due to her early exit at Wimbledon (which she never did well at in singles anyway) and now they sit on the panel together. Lucky Sam is a nice person and doesn’t seem to hold grudges.

  2. Great choice. He has a natural warmth that comes across whether he is commentating tennis or doing a segment on Postcards. Good casting. Watch out Larry.

  3. Similar to Johanna Griggs hosting House Rules or Abbey Gelmi hosting House Rules or Matt Shirvington hosting Holey Moley… Think I read a quote years ago, may have been here on TVT from Griggs, saying network contracts these days usually require more than your known ID/skill set (such as sport), with chiefs requiring you to have a go at entertainment. Or something along those lines. For what it’s worth I reckon Todd will give it a red hot crack and I’m sure he can be more relaxed, he’s also got a sense of humour/funny side (admittedly not often seen given his former profession and professionalism over the years on Seven Sport > 9WWOS) as seen with TJ and Co during morning pre game of the Australian Open and other silly segments. Clearly though, Nine execs must’ve seen something spark big time, not just fulfilling a contract.

  4. Todd Woodbridge – Next year, He will have a lot of commitments including Tennis coverage, POstcards, TP and also the 2024 Summer Olympics. I have a feeling that there is too much overexposure for Todd Woodbridge.

    1. Disagree. The Tennis is a two week event in January, the Olympics is a three week event in Jul-Aug once every 4 years, Postcards is off broadway where most of the average person wouldn’t watch it… Tipping Point will be a good fit for this likeable personality imo. Certainly not overexposed. In fact it’ll actually be quite refreshing to see a new face in the game show space. Nine certainly need it to work.

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