10 unveils flashy, superhero Gladiators.

Updated: Camp is back in 10's high-energy revival in 2024.

Camp is back in by the looks of the new Gladiators cast, unveiled on social media by Network 10.

Spotted amongst the cast is Jett Kenny (far right).

Updated:   10 has now confirmed:

The muscle and strategic minds behind the fierce costumes include athlete and coach Harriet Roberts (Arrow), bodybuilder Jaymi-Lee Morris (Chaos), athlete and TED speaker Damien Gilbert Rider (Cobra), two-time Ninja Warrior Tatyanna Pogonza-Dumas (Comet), fitness coach Blessings Chilufya (Cyclone), Commonwealth Games athlete and CrossFit games athlete Alethea Boon (Elektra), stuntwoman and MMA fighter Chanique Greyling (Halo), bodybuilder Kwame Duah (Maximus), former NRL player Sandor Earl (Phoenix), CrossFit Games athlete and former Australian hockey player Katelin Marks (Raven), CrossFit Games athlete Khan Porter (Spartan) and Australian ironman Jett Kenny (Viking).

The game show revival, due in 2024, is hosted by Beau Ryan and Liz Ellis and produced by Warner Bros.

The original series ran for 3 seasons from 1995 – 1996 on Seven hosted by Kimberley Joseph, Mike Hammond and Aaron Pedersen.

A short-lived 2008 reboot hosted by Tom Williams and Zoe Naylor included Tatiana Grigorieva, Tiffiny Hall and Anthony Koutoufides.

In true David vs Goliath fashion and against the breathtaking backdrop of a brand-new gladiatorial arena, the Gladiators and Contenders’ skills will be tested like never before, as they take part in a series of brand-new events, alongside classic challenges including fan-favourites; Hang Tough, Duel, The Wall, Power Ball, Pyramid and The Eliminator.

Gladiators is made for Network 10 by Warner Bros. International Television Production and executive produced by Johnny C. Ferraro and Barry Poznick. The original Gladiators series was created by Johnny C. Ferraro and Dan Carr and produced in association with Flor-Jon Films. Gladiators is distributed by Amazon MGM Studios Distribution.

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  1. Looks like a good cast other than Jett Kenny, who doesn’t really fit in with the aesthetic of the other gladiators. Seems like a waste of a spot and I’d rather not have a pseudo-celebrity as a gladiator. I’m not a fan of Beau Ryan as a host either, but other people seem to like him so hopefully his presence helps the show be successful.

  2. Oh dear no …. the costumes looks cheap and nothing we havent seen in a Mardi Gras Parade … has Australian TV stooped to this low … um yet we also have MAFS

    1. It’s a phenomenon called…a time warp…whereby a lot of reality tv is stuck …e.g revivals, remakes and reimagined..oh deary me..that’s my explanation and I’m sticking with it.

  3. I remember getting the big poster in the Herald Sun 15 years ago, I watched a few of those reboot eps, it was very overproduced, I think one of Seven’s big shows that year (also Beijing Olympics) but didn’t rate great, in a year they had and dominated just about everything else.

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