Kalani, Taylah become next Gladiators

"Only two can be winners and unfortunately two will never ever be heard of ever again."

“Only two can be winners and unfortunately two will never ever be heard of ever again,” said Beau Ryan at the top of last night’s Gladiators Grand Final.

Of the last two male and female contenders left standing two would go on to win the series.

Their prize? To become future Gladiators.

But it isn’t quite clear how do you do that if the show doesn’t return.

Despite its promising start, the 10 series quickly tumbled off the ratings map, prompting 10 to hurriedly ‘burn off’ remaining episodes to bring on Australian Survivor a week early.

The end results were Kalani defeating Daine on the Eliminator challenge and Taylah defeating Janice.

No doubt both are Gladiators to those who stuck with the series, and their trophies look nice on the mantlepiece.

“Thanks so much for watching Australia, we’ll see you next time!” said Beau Ryan.

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  1. That statement by Beau was very telling, as it was very clear that both the men were equal to the Gladiators, and neither of the women were. No statement on which sex is better, just that the better women contenders were unluckily knocked out early.

    I enjoyed the show in general, but I did watch fast forward using the PVR. By just watching the contests, the show was reduced to about 20 minutes. But where was the Gauntlet? That was the game that everyone remembered from the previous edition.

  2. I really hope they make a season 2 of Gladiators. I really enjoyed watching it and Beau and Liz did a great job hosting. And congratulations to Kalani and Taylah!

  3. If ever renewed for a second season (which I doubt), I hope they would air it only on Saturdays with just one episode per week. Additionally, it would be great if they had a more mixed selection of games for the heats instead of repeating the same ones.

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