Auditions: Deal or No Deal

"Do you listen to your head or your heart? Which suitcase number would you pick?"

“Does lady luck always shine on you?”

A casting notice has opened for the return of Deal or No Deal, understood to be coming to 10.

First run episodes hosted by Andrew O’Keefe previously screened from 2003 to 2013 on Seven, enjoying stellar ratings for most of its run. It screened in both half hour and one hour formats during that time.

In the US the show is a shiny floor production hosted by Howie Mandel with $1m on offer. The new local series is produced by Endemol Shine Australia, but it isn’t clear what the top prize will be.

“Do you listen to your head or your heart? Which suitcase number would you pick?” a casting notice asks.

“When the time comes and there are thousands and thousands of dollars on the line, what will you do…”

10 is expected to confirm the show’s return at its network Upfront.

You can apply here.

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    1. I love this idea!! I’m actually surprised he hasn’t been asked to do more given his popularity!

      No grant or Julia please… something fresh.

      I know the uk are doing a run of prime time specials of this being rebooted. Wonder how it will be in Aus!? Maybe the 6pm slot on ten for 30min for a news alternative?

  1. What I would expect for DOND
    – Preliminary round: Answering 3 multiple choice questions (go back to 2004-06)
    – A new intro VO guy. During 7’s incarnation, they had 3 different VOs
    – Music to be the same as the original one
    – A new host. The new host needs to be more relaxed. No Denyer or Osher please.
    – Game show to be produced via Melbourne studios

  2. My newish ‘smart’ TV has an entire 24/7 ‘Deal or No Deal’ channel running. Wife is addicted again (until 4:30 – or is it 4:00) until the most obnoxious two, Brooke and Liam, are on 10.

  3. I think for DonD, the host is make or break. The game is opening up cases for 30 minutes, with little to no decision making on the player.

    The old host had a talent & charisma to make a relatively benign game, a tense yet fun appointment watch game show.

    Curious to see who 10 get. I could see Julia Moris (suggested by user, Ryan) doing well with the format (as well as it being be a welcome change in seeing a women fronted game show).

  4. I hope it airs as a 30 minute format, which 10 tends to do, rather than a dragged out one hour format Seven and Nine love to do.

    I wonder who’ll be the host.

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