Could The Project work in a late night slot?

Ahead of network Upfronts, rumours of radical programming changes.

Ahead of 10’s Upfront in October, there are rumours 10 the network might consider The Project in a late night slot.

Woman’s Day speculates the show might be moved in order to rejuvenate the network’s early evening slate, amid further rumours of Deal or No Deal and a 60 minute 10 News First.

The concept of a later Project is not such a crazy idea, where it might draw upon younger viewers and offer interviews with latest contestants eliminated from reality shows, instead of the following day.

Critic Colin Vickery told TV Tonight, recent hosting changes don’t seem to have worked any ratings magic which puts pressure on 7.30pm entertainment shows coming off a low base.

“I really don’t see how anything will alter if it stays where it is,” he said.

“Would a move to 9.30pm work? The biggest challenge would be to make sure that it starts at the same time each night.

“But as we have seen with Have You Been Paying Attention? a move to later at night can be liberating. A show can be edgier. It can be a bit more risqué. It can be a bit more adult. Maybe that is just the jolt that The Project needs to get its mojo back.”

It’s clear the network needs to address its early evening scheduling, but we’ll need to wait until Upfronts begin October 24th to learn how.

A spokesperson told Women’s Day “The Project will continue in its current time slot from 6.30pm to 7.30pm, Sunday to Friday.”

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  1. Maybe it’s as simple as The Project has just run its course. I loved it back in its heyday, but I myself rarely watch any of it and if I do, it’s never a full hour. 30 minutes would make it viewable again.

    The changes in the panel haven’t done much. And someone pointed out the bizarre promos they tried to do to get people on board for 2023.

    With legitimate respect and love to all involved, I do feel that The Project is done, at least for the time being. Maybe it can be rested and revived in a few years, but it needs to be rested at the very least for now.

  2. For all the people who ‘dont watch’..’never watch’….’cant stand 10′ etc….any posts like this always generate large numbers of posts….Surely people do not comment if they have not watched??

  3. As much as I don’t watch the project, leave it at 6:30pm. However, the problem is the 6pm timeslot. A 90 min flagship bulletin is too long. Please reduce it down to 60 mins. They’ve done it in 2011 and was short lived.

    1. Agreed. 90 minutes of Ten News is insane.
      Trim it back to 60 and put something on at 6pm to 6:30. I wish Pointless had gotten better viewers, it really got there in the end.

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