Foxtel channels refresh

New logos and name changes come ahead of streaming aggregation platform.

Foxtel has refreshed a number of channel names, including dropping the “FOX” brand from several.

FOX Arena, and FOX Showcase are now reverting back to Arena and Showcase channel names, while there are changes too for Comedy, Docos, SciFi, Comedy, Classics, Sleuth channels, while FOX One becomes Foxtel One.

FOX8 remains but with a refreshed logo.

The changes come ahead of the previously reported streaming aggregation platform based on Sky Glass -titled in house as Project Magneto.

A Foxtel spokesperson said, “As our business evolves, and as we leverage brands in new ways, we have refreshed some of our channel names to reflect this. There will be no impact to customers who will continue to enjoy all the great content and channels they are familiar with and love.”

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  1. I saw them today at my sister’s. It about making them look less the same, and readily recognisable, for people moving quickly through them. Fox8 gets a bold white 8. Sci F has one bold white line in the F.

  2. Preceeding the channel names with “Fox” was always a strange choice and one that made for a generic presentation of the channels, I’m glad they’ve finally dropped that, however… the logos they have chosen are bland and similar. I’ll be interested to see how the rebrand packages present on screen.

  3. If you put lipstick on a pig, it’s still a pig. A fresh coat of paint on the logo’s won’t miraculously remove all of the endlessly repeated content and provide us with fresh new viewing options…

  4. They spent decades building brand equity in TV1, The Comedy Channel, Showtime, Showcase, Arena etc etc etc.

    Then they burnt it all and made them slightly different iterations of “Fox”. Any wonder why Lifestyle remains strong? It’s been foxless.

    It’s good that they have dropped the Fox now but it’s probably too late.

  5. Seems the Fox name is dying out. How long until Foxtel rebrands entirely I wonder?

    Also, what is with the overly simplistic logos? What happened to a little personality and flair?

  6. At this rate, the next “refresh” will see all logos using nothing but Arial and Times New Roman fonts (maybe even Comic Sans if they’re feeling ballsy).

    To think that “graphic designers” were paid to produce such dreck.

    God, I miss the 90s.

  7. They just need to advise the staff who maintain the “My Foxtel” app that has remote record functionality… they need to update the refresh changes to the channels too… but that app has never been maintained to a reasonable standard anyway….yet it’s included in you subscription.

    1. There’s an issue with record remote functionality. The Australian company that invented it, has launched legal action against Foxtel. Not sure what the problem is.

      1. Yes I’m aware…I’ve had trouble accessing my PDF account using it and channel programs not being synced with the EPG on the IQ5 ….I had a Foxtel case management rep call me today after (sending an email complaining) who said he was from the “Gold Coast” trying to convince ..me….that Queensland is on daylight…we definitely are not…when I mentioned programs are 1 hour ahead on Monday 2nd…except FTA in Queensland I had further trouble convincing….him…the Gold Coast is part of Queensland. ..useless is the word that sums up Foxtel for me…

  8. They are copying Sky, trying to sell TVs with Foxel in prime position. Which the Government is trying to regulate against. Of course the obvious thing would be to allow consumers to put the icons on their TV screen where ever best suit them, rather than trying to use hardware and software to manipulate viewers to watch some content to the detriment of other content.

    1. The government is actually trying to force tv manufacturers to supply sets with local streaming apps in prominent positions on their screen menus. The FTA networks are also backing it.

      1. The Government is backing the FTA networks getting prime position. Foxtel is fighting against they because they want to be first and are building their own TVs. The only thing they both agree on is that foreign streamers like Netflix and Disney+ (where the subsidised premium Australian dramas will be) should be buried several menus down.

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