Multichannel Survey 2023: ABC Kids, ABC TV Plus, ABC ME, ABC News.

Bluey is a multichannel superstar on ABC Kids, while ABC ME is home to Australian made children's titles.

On ABC multichannels, ABC Kids/ ABC TV Plus has increased share compared to 2022.

Bluey continues to perform above expectations -adding together all new episodes, repeats and iview at 13m Total Reach (including regional).

ABC ME’s Crazy Fun Park also won the Logie for Most Outstanding Children’s Program and has recently secured sales in the UK and USA.

ABC TV Plus, which shares a channel with ABC Kids, has found success with repeats of UK titles Vera and Death In Paradise, but disappointingly, no Australian content was highlighted.

ABC News is the most-watched news channel in Australia but has dropped in share compared to 2022.

Upcoming titles include Reef School, Little J and Big Cuz, Ghosts, George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces, Spooky Files, Space Nova and The Strange Chores.

ABC Kids | ABC TV Plus

Brand Identity:  The trusted home of the best local and international preschool content.ABC TV Plus, a place to feed the mind, the heart and the funny bone.

Target Demographic: Primary: 2-6 year olds. Secondary: Families with preschoolers. Primary: P25-49, Secondary: P50+.

Format / Tech Playout: Broadcast and ABC iview (VOD) and ABC Kids app.Broadcast and ABC iview.

2023 YTD Ratings Share / Demo Performance:
ABC Kids:
Metro weekly reach of 1.987m (11.1%), and weekly share of 5.2% of ttl ppl and 54.7% of 0-6s ABC Kids is the #1 channel for kids 0-6 (54.7%) and 7-12 (18.8%) based on share (between 5am and 1930pm).

ABC TV Plus (7.30-mn)
• Reach is steady on 1.15m Aussies per week (6.4%) across the 5 capital cities
• Average weekly share of 1.7%, compared to 1.5% for the last survey
• 1.2% share of 18-24s, 1.5% of 25-39s, while share of P65+ lifted to 1.8% (previously 1.3%).

Key First Run Titles: Peppa Pig, Sesame Street, Thomas and Friends: All Engines Go!, Mini Kids, Fireman Sam, Ready Steady Wiggle, Mecha Builders, Mini Kids, Interstellar EllaWould I Lie To You?, Adam Hills: The Last Leg, Louis Theroux Interviews…, Penn & Teller: Fool Us, Casy Anthony: Where the Truth Lies, George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces, A Wild Year on Earth, Wreck, Whose Line Is It Anyway?, Live at the Apollo, The Stand Up Sketch Show, Lucy Worsley: Agatha Christie Mystery Queen, Staged S3.

First-Run Australian Content: Bluey, Play School, Kangaroo Beach, Ginger and the Vegesaurs, Gardening Australia Junior, Beep and Mort, Reef SchoolN/A.

Recent Success Stories:  Bluey ‘Cubby’ set a new channel broadcast record with the highest audience for an individual program on ABC Kids channel since OzTAM ratings measurement began. The ten new Bluey episodes that premiered earlier in 2023 now hold a Total Audience of 13m this year to date.The addition of Vera to the schedule has proven to be popular and is the highest performing title currently for 2023. Other high indexing programs include Death In Paradise, Would I Lie To You? and QI.

Upcoming Key Titles: Bluey, Play School, Beep and Mort, Reef School, Little J and Big Cuz, The Adventures of Paddington, Pop Paper City, Kiya and the Mega Mighty Ninjas, Hey Duggee, Octonauts: Above and Beyond, Andy’s Global Adventures. Ghosts S5 (pictured above), George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces S11, Would I Lie To You? Christmas Special, Live at the Apollo Christmas Special.

Upcoming Changes to Playout / New Channels: N/A N/A.


Brand Identity: ABC ME – An integrated broadcast and digital destination dedicated to Australian school children, offering distinct, diverse and inspiring content for them and their families. With a keen focus on Australian stories and points of view, as well as the best from around the world. ABC ME is also the home of ABC TV Education, providing longform educational content for students and teachers.

Target Demographic: 7-12yr olds and their families.

Format / Tech Playout: Broadcast, ABC iview.

2023 YTD Ratings Share / Demo Performance: Metro weekly reach of 913k (5.1%) and weekly share of 0.7% of ttl ppl and 11.1% of 7-12s.

Key First Run Titles: Miraculous Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir, Total Dramarama, Operation Ouch, Horrible Histories, Malory Towers, Summer Memories, Mystery Lane.

First-Run Australian Content: Spooky Files, 100% Wolf, The PM’s Daughter, BTN, BTN Newsbreaks, Good Game Spawn Point, Wildlifers!, Crazy Fun Park (pictured above), Turn Up the Volume.

Recent Success Stories: This year ABC ME’s drama series, Crazy Fun Park had the honor of winning the Logie for Most Outstanding Children’s Programme. Our ABC iview “BEST FEST” school holiday campaigns continue to drive large numbers with the most recent Winter BEST FEST performed well in excess of target at 2.52m plays and 28 million minutes viewed.

Upcoming Key Titles: Spooky Files, Space Nova S2, The Strange Chores S3, Miraculous Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir, Total Drama Island (reboot).

Upcoming Changes to Playout / New Channels: N/A.

ABC News

Brand Identity: Round the clock coverage of the latest events, breaking news and the day’s top stories from an independent source you can trust. ABC NEWS brings you news, context and analysis from an Australian perspective, with an unrivalled team across the nation and on the ground reporting from around the world. We bring you the news you need when you want it and on the devices and platforms you are on – with ABC NEWS channel coverage available to livestream ungeoblocked around the globe 24/7.

Target Demographic: All people, primarily aged 16+

Format / Tech Playout: SD free to air TV, stream live ungeoblocked worldwide and also on demand.

2023 YTD Ratings Share / Demo Performance:
Most watched news channel in Australia.
1.94 million (10.8%) average weekly reach in 2023YTD*.
2.9% share in 2023YTD
4.8m daily minutes of the live stream consumed via ABC iview in 2023YTD*,
6 May 2023 was the strongest day with 25.5m minutes consumed for The Coronation of King Charles.

Source: OzTAM 5 City Metro C28 (reach counts 5 consecutive minutes) *2023 is YTD weeks 1-33.

Key First Run Titles: News Breakfast, Insiders, 7.30, Weekend Breakfast, The World, Afternoon Briefing, Planet America: Fireside Chat, China Tonight, India Now, The Pacific, That Pacific Sports Show, If You’re Listening, The Voice Referendum Explained, ABC Late News, ABC News Overnight.

First-Run Australian Content: All titles above are Australian made plus ABC News Regional, The Business, The World This Week, The Breakfast Couch, ABC News Video Lab. Many other titles premiere on ABC TV and are encored on ABC NEWS.ABC NEWS channel runs Australian made content at least 22 hours a day.

Recent Success Stories: Comprehensive coverage and analysis of the key news stories of the day which, in 2023, included The Coronation of King Charles III. Strong programs in 2023YTD included The World This Week, China Tonight, NDIS – 10 Years, India Now, Planet America: Fireside Chat, NSW Votes, and ABC News at Noon. News specials including What Broke The Rental Market?, Bradman and Tendulkar, and Breaking the Code: Cyber Secrets Exposed. Series including Voices of Australia, The Pacific, If You’re Listening, The Voice Referendum Explained and short form Digital First VOD news on ABC iview. NSW Votes election night broadcast plus special Aston and Fadden by-election special coverage.

Upcoming Key Titles: The Voice Referendum night special coverage

Upcoming Changes to Playout / New Channels: N/A

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  1. I agree , their SD channels are very pixellated on large tv screens . The SD standard makes Vera , for example a muddy greyed out mess which contrasts to the fantastic HD picture from the steaming services , 4k UHD & HDR. .

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