Report: Allegations over Lego Masters producer in unsafe workplace claim

Former junior staffer is suing Endemol Shine Australia and an associate producer following sexual harassment claims.

A former junior staff member on Lego Masters is suing Endemol Shine Australia and an associate producer claiming she was denied a safe workplace and was treated unfavourably.

The Australian reports she began work with Endemol Shine in August 2018, working across multiple programs including Lego Masters.

She details alleged sexual harassment by the associate producer across an exended period.

She claims to have raised complaints with her direct superior who contacted the producer at the centre of her claims to ensure he worked in a professional manner, instructing him not to speak with any other employees about her complaint.

But the junior staffer says she also noticed changes in the way other colleagues treated her, with no other disciplinary action being taken. She was not provided casual employment for Season Five of Lego Masters.

She has now launched civil proceedings seeking $150,000, claiming it was an unsafe workplace.

The associate producer has not been charged over any of the alleged conduct.

Endemol Shine Australia declined to comment.