Thank God You’re Here: Sept 27

Guests: Marty Sheargold, Emma Holland, Guy Montgomery, Kitty Flanagan.

Kitty Flanagan makes her Thank God You’re Here debut this week, joined by Marty Sheargold, Emma Holland, and Guy Montgomery.

Celia Pacquola hosts the season finale at 7:30pm Wednesday on 10, but hopefully the show is renewed for 2024 (I would be quietly confident)….

2 Responses

  1. I love all these performers, and whatever they can put to air of Marty is always gold, but what’s up with all the repeat casting for this new season? Surely the talent pool is big enough for 4 new performers every week?

  2. We would be very, very, very pissed-off in Ten did not renew this show. This is our #1 show of 2023 (& yes, I’m very much aware that it’s a reboot).

    PS. Julia Zemiro is utterly amazing and very funny!!!!

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