WTFAQ: Sept 27

Mitch McTaggart addresses the question "Where is Summer Bay supposed to be?"

This week’s WTFAQ, with guest reporter Mitch McTaggart, is already available on iview.

Kirsten Drysdale asks if there are any names you cannot legally call your children, Lou Wall and Cameron James get to the bottom of the Toobs conspiracy and guest reporter Mitch McTaggart (from the Back Side of Television) finds out where Summer Bay really is.

Questions in this episode are:
• Are there any names you legally cannot call your children?
• Do sharks sneeze?
• Why is yawning contagious? And can I spread it like a virus to everyone?
• If recorded sound predates motion pictures, why were there silent movies for decades?
• Where is Summer Bay supposed to be?
• How deep can you dig a hole before it gets too deep?
• Are Toobs different from what they used to be .. or am I going crazy?

9pm Wednesday on ABC.

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  1. Not sure what’s going on here but the list of questions shown in this article are for episode 4 which was broadcast & published on iView 7 days ago.

    As per the ABC EPG tonight is episode 5 & from the EPG:
    What is a mirage? Does Centrelink deliberately choose bad hold music to make people hang up? If dolphins are mammals, where are their boobies? Do indoor plants really purify the air? What does the power symbol mean? And more.
    Oh, after dealing with Centrelink many times over the last 3+ months, I’m not sure that the on-hold music is all that bad but I can say with 100% certainty that their IVR system has 1 & only 1 goal … to come up with an excuse to hang up the call.

    1. If you think Centrelink is bad try Optus, Foxtel and Origin Energy….none of them know what the right hand is doing or even if the left hand even exists….worst bit with Foxtel the recorded options doesn’t recognise the word “complaint”…many times I said that and the recorded message ask…”are you move house”…WTF! 😂

  2. Mitch McTaggart is great. The Back Side Of Television is excellent as well. But I can’t help think that he looks like what Troye Sivan will look like in 10 years. They could be brothers!

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