Airdate: The Betoota Advocate presents

When Murdoch & Packer went to war over rugby league it was a battle for the ages.

10 tonight premieres The Betoota Advocate, a 4 part series starring Archer Hamilton and Charles Single in their personas, Errol Packet and Editor Clancy Overell.

This previously screened on Paramount+ but now has a Free to Air outing.

Episode one surrounds what went down as billionaires Rupert Murdoch & Kerry Packer went to war over rugby league in the 90s.

Fronted by Editor At Large Errol Packet and Editor Clancy Overell, the pair dig deep into the controversies that shaped our nation. Across four episodes, corruption, money, religion and tribalism are key themes, with no stone left unturned to get to the crux of the headline.

Interviewing those who lived through it all, The Betoota Advocate investigates The Hillsong Story and the downfall of the church and its founder Brian Houston, the Super League war with media moguls Murdoch and Parker at the helm, Fine Cotton, the strangest racehorse controversy in our nation’s history and the heat and violence of the Cronulla Riots.

Australia has a history and sometimes it’s not pretty and The Betoota Advocate Presents doesn’t sugarcoat it. And it’s why Aussies love them.

9:40pm Monday on 10.

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