Hughesy correctly guesses Brendan Fevola on Masked Singer

Dave Hughes doesn't often guess correctly....

It doesn’t happen often, but Dave Hughes correctly guessed a performer on The Masked Singer when Brendan Fevola was unmasked as wildcard act, The Captain.

The former AFL player and I’m a Celebrity winner made his first appearance singing DJ Ötzi’s Hey Baby, but it wasn’t enough to compete with Cowgirl, Grim Reaper, Snowfox and Bouncer.

While other panelists guessed Wally Lewis, Rick Springfield, and Gyton Grantley, it was Hughesy who recognised the ex-Carlton player and called him on it.

Hughesy even correctly the 2022 winner, ‘Mirrorball’ as Melody Thornton of Pussycat Dolls fame. While that answer seemed to come from nowhere late in the season, many viewers cried foul on social media.

On radio he insisted, “No one gave me [Thornton’s] name….. I came up with it on my own! For God’s sake!’”

At least the Fev answer is more on brand for Hughesy, given Carlton is also his chosen AFL team and Fev is a personal friends.

There are three more remaining episodes on 10, with a grand final next Tuesday night.

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  1. Hughsey’s record really isn’t any worse than the rest, all of them usually only guess one a season occasionally two. In fact Hughsey just also guessed on the same program that Bouncer is Conrad Sewell which apparently is the consensus. It’s only that his bad guesses are so incredibly ridiculous that he gets that label.

  2. Not surprised, because anyone who listens to Melbourne radio would remember that Brendan Fevola said on his breakfast show in Melbourne that he had to cancel a family holiday abroad because he was doing something in Sydney, leading to his co-hosts assuming he was doing The Masked Singer!

  3. As Brendan said, his name has come up in the guessing so often he thought he may as well do it so no surprise Hughsey finally got it right. Most of the guesses really are ridiculous. Do they have a list of names
    of people to pick from?

    1. Same – 10play are really slack in uploading episodes quickly! Should be soon after broadcast if not sooner, it’s usually an hour or so after Free TV broadcast. I also wanted to catch up on last night’s Have You Been Paying Attention? and all they uploaded was the 9 minute Halloween Binge This segment, not the full episode!

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