La Toya Jackson unmasked as Burger Gal

Only one of 10's guessing panel correctly guessed a famous face in bonkers singing show.

Grammy winning La Toya Jackson was a surprise performer unmasked on 10’s Masked Singer.

Performing Doja Cat and SZA’s Kiss Me More as a costumed Burger Gal, she was successfully identified by Mel.

“Good job, Mel!” said Jackson.

But the guessing panel were nonetheless jointly gob-smacked by her appearance.

Jackson, who is in fact vegetarian, was a good get by the 10 series

“I love this show. I will go anywhere to do this show. This is my third [time] actually,” she said referring to US and Spanish versions.

Not even her family knew what she was up to.

“They don’t know. I didn’t tell anyone; my mother doesn’t even know! We were all on a family conference yesterday, they said ‘What are you doing in Australia?’ I said ‘Just work, just having fun…’”

Remaining acts include Cowgirl, Grim Reaper, Bouncer, Snow Fox, Orca, one of whom will be unmasked tonight.

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  1. Chrissy Swan actually spoiled that Burger Gal would be the next eliminated last Wednesday when she was filling in on the Ricki-Lee Tim and Joel drive show on Nova. She didn’t spoil who it was underneath, but definitely blabbed which mask was next.

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